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Echandia Marine to supply LTO batteries for Damen Shipyards three electric ferries

aqua diamond Antwerpen electric ferry (Source: Echandia Marine)

Echandia has announced that it has signed a contract with Damen Shipyards to supply LTO batteries for three fully electric ferries to run between Dordrecht, Zwijndrecht, and Papendrecht. This is the fourth contract Damen has awarded to Echandia and the second part of a project to supply batteries for a total of nine waterbuses. Echandia's expertise in battery technology won the contract.

Swedish energy systems supplier Echandia is to supply batteries to Damen Shipyards, the biggest shipyard group for small to mid-size marine vessels, for the first fleet of electric and hybrid ferries for Rotterdam's public transport network. The three vessels are all-electric, steel ferries, to serve ferry routes between cities in the Dordrecht area.

The ferries are designed to meet the customer's green goals, including increasing energy efficiency and reducing wake-wash. They will be fast-charged at regular intervals, providing uninterrupted service. Echandia's E-LTO battery system was chosen for its optimal weight and safety, as well as its competitive pricing.

LTO is the safest maritime battery chemistry in the market - resilient to external heat and other abuse, preventing thermal runaways. It does not form dendrite like other lithium-ion chemistries, avoiding short circuits and increasing battery safety over time. E-LTO requires no active measures for water cooling or fire suppression. Propagation of thermal runaway between the Toshiba cells is almost impossible. E-LTO-batteries are completely air-cooled, which is an easy, safe, and robust system. There have been several fires involving water-cooled batteries that can be completely avoided with E-LTO batteries.

This is an exciting project. The Waterbuses have been designed to deliver an excellent passenger experience. They are also extremely fuel-efficient due to optimal weight, design, and configuration of onboard systems, says Echandia's CEO Magnus Eriksson.

This is Damen's fourth collaborative project with Echandia. Echandia is the world leader in maritime battery technology today, so together we are a winning combination. It feels safe to work with Echandia because they are highly competent, deliver on time, and meet the very high demands for safety, battery efficiency, and flexibility that our customers require, says Johan Reurink, Supply Chain Manager at Damen Shipyards Group. 

Author : Moulin Oza
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