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PM Modi urges businesses to invest in battery manufacturing and R&D

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 11 delivered the inaugural address to the 95 th annual plenary session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) addressing the industry and business leaders via video conferencing. 

PM stressed that India is faced with many challenges such as COVID-19, cyclone, earthquakes and more but there is a need find a way to convert these challenges into opportunities, and termed 'self-reliance' as the key to moving forward in a post-pandemic world. 

PM urged the industrial body and businesses to carve out strategies to achieve this goal by increasing investment in R&D and manufactur- ing across various industries, and especially those which are currently heavily reliant on imports of goods such as medical equipment, defence manufacturing, coal and minerals sector, electronics and solar panels, batteries and chip manufacturing and the aviation sector. 

Speaking of the need for self-suffi- ciency in renewable sector PM Modi commented, "Invest in R&D and manufacturing of better batteries to increase the power storage capac- ity of the solar panel in the country. You can do handholding of MSMEs, and other such institutions, that are engaged in this work." "In the changing world, solar rechargeable batteries are going to be a huge market. India can become a huge hub in this area," he added. Highlighting the work of International Solar Alliance PM Modi PM Narendra Modi addressing the 95th annual plenary session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC). 

Source: ANI news said, "Efforts are being made to share the benefits that India sees for itself in the field of solar energy with the whole world. I request all the members of the Indian Chamber of Commerce to extend their contribution and invest- ment towards the targets set for renewable energy, solar power gen- eration in the country." He also highlighted that there is a need to be "vocal for local" i.e. arts and crafts which are indigenous or locally manufactured need to pro- moted and he stressed on the need to control the trend of getting the same goods from abroad. 

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