ETN Buzz

Acciona has announced that it has innovated GreenH2chain, the world’s initial platform based on blockchain technology that guarantees the renewable origin of green hydrogen. This new tool will also permit clients to validate the transportation and delivery process of this type of clean energy.

With GreenH2chain, Acciona’s customers will be given access to a digital platform that will permit them to validate and envisage the entire green hydrogen value chain in real-time globally.

This technological solution will permit renewable hydrogen consumers to quantify, record, and monitor the decarbonization process of their own energy supply. In addition, GreenH2chain delivers all the necessary information on hydrogen consumption itself as well as data for calculating the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that consumers avoid by using this type of green energy.

In the future, GreenH2chain will be complementary to any official systems devoted to certifying the renewable origin of hydrogen, once these are established. Acciona’s platform will offer its differential values to these schemes both at the European level and in each country individually.

The platform will be implemented in the Power to Green Hydrogen project, designed to create a green ecosystem on the island of Mallorca (Spain). Acciona will also use GreenH2chain® in all future renewable hydrogen generation projects.

Acciona created GreenH2chain® together with FlexiDAO, a firm that provides electric software tools to utilities for digital energy services. FlexiDAO is one of the startups to take part in Acciona's I’MNOVATION open innovation program.