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India upshifts e-mobility ambitions to top gear

Now is the most opportune time to change the mobility landscape of the country. How to achieve the inflection point that is a precursor to exponential growth was discussed by Sohinder Gill, Director General - Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, in conversation with Ashok Thakur, Chief Editor – ETN.

What will drive demand? Will it be business as usual, or are you anticipating any change factors?

Improved product technology, continued government support, availability of bank finances and a massive awareness campaign would help in driving demand. Also, citizens' growing consciousness towards environmental-friendly modes of transport is another factor that would push the demand for greener vehicles. Entry of increasing large and organized players will certainly expand the market and improve adoption.

Both the central and state governments have to work in tandem and involve the industry closely in their strategies and decisions to effectively deploy e-mobility

We need to put sufficiently large volumes of EVs in certain cities, say
the top 12 polluting ones in the next two or three years.

Author : Padmini
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