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Enapter unveils AEM Multicore MW-class electrolyzer for green H2 production

Source: Enapter AG

Technology firm Enapter AG has recently unveiled the 'AEM Multicore' megawatt-class AEM electrolyzer for the production of green hydrogen, claimed as first of its kind in the global hydrogen equipment market at present. The company claims to have built 1 MW Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyzer from concept to deployment in just 7 months. 

Touted as a cost-effective alternative to conventional megawatt-class electrolyzers, Enapter claims that the latest product ushers in a new era in environmentally friendly solutions for the decarbonization of industry and the economy, especially targeting power generation, mobility, and small industrial applications. 

The AEM Multicore features 420 core modules called as "AEM stacks". These are combined into a total system that can produce around 450 kgs of green hydrogen per day with a purity of 99.999 per cent, according to the manufacturer. By scaling up many small units into one large system, Enapter is trying to significantly reduce the cost of green hydrogen. 

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Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of Enapter, commented on the launch, "We are very pleased to present our AEM Multicore to the public today. With the Multicore production on the Enapter Campus, we are taking a giant step towards circular production as well as cost optimization of electrolyzers. With our AEM technology, we will make hydrogen cheaper than fossil fuels in the next few years. The demand for our products is enormous: We are already the world's largest producer of electrolysers in terms of unit numbers. We are confident about our further development and look forward to helping shape a green future."

The company claims to have received good response for the AEM Multicore from global markets already, with orders from Europe, Asia and North America. Enapter says that the construction of the first commercial AEM Multicore systems will happen this year for refueling and testing purposes in Europe. The electrolyzer will be produced in series at the Enapter Campus in Saerbeck, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Facilities for production, research and development as well as administration are being set up on the Enapter Campus, which covers more than 80,000 square metres, claims Enapter.  

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