Northvolt secures $1.1 billion to support battery mfg. factory rollout in Europe

Battery manufacturer Northvolt has announced the signing of a $1.1 billion convertible note to finance its expansion of battery cell and cathode material production in Europe to su... Read More

IESA Academy’s Advanced Energy Storage Manufacturing Masterclass

IESA organizing the "5th Masterclass on Advanced Energy Storage Manufacturing" to support Battery Gigafactories and supply chain ecosystem development in India.  The world is ... Read More

Battrion and Jagenberg Group unveils Aligned Graphite tech for fast-charging LiBs at 100 m/min

Swiss battery technology innovator Battrion AG and associate Jagenberg Converting Solution GmbH have demonstrated Aligned Graphite® technology at industrial speeds. This breakthrou... Read More

USABC grants funds worth $3.5 million to Zenlabs Energy for LCFC battery tech development

The United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC) has announced it has been awarded a $3.5 million technology development contract to Zenlabs Energy Inc. of Fremont, Califo... Read More

FREYR Battery to begin construction of its inaugural giga factory in Norway

FREYR Battery (FREYR), the next-generation battery cell manufacturer has sanctioned the construction of Giga Artic (combined gigafactories 1 and 2) -- FREY... Read More

Leclanché achieves breakthrough in the safety of LiBs without comprising cell performance

Leclanché has announced a significant breakthrough in the safety of its lithium-ion batteries without compromising cell performance. By adding a special fire-retardant additive to ... Read More

Ascend unveils new EV and Battery Materials at Battery Show Europe

Ascend Performance Materials has announced that it is showcasing its latest materials for electric mobility at Battery Show Europe. Among the products Ascend is showcasing is a new... Read More

EU and Norway expand cooperation on raw materials, battery value chains

The European Commission and Norway have announced a strategic partnership for strengthening and expanding their cooperation in the area of the raw materials and batt... Read More

Univ. of Michigan researchers develops a new approach for EVB testing time reduction by 75%

Researchers at the University of Michigan have demonstrated that the longevity testing of new electric vehicle battery designs could be four times faster with a streamlined approac... Read More

DST-IISc energy storage platform moves towards accelerating fast-charging SSB

Researchers at DST-IISC have reported on an innovative interfacial engineering approach to enable fast charge-discharge rates in solid-state lithium metal batteries. They have foun... Read More