Educating for a better world

March - April 2021
EARTHDAY.ORG's Global Climate Literacy Campaign is working to revolutionize education systems across the globe. Tracey Ritchie, Director Education - EARTHDAY.ORG, outlines det... Read More

Concrete steps towards sustainable future

March - April 2021
The world is witnessing unprecedented shifts in the energy and transportation sector. The global race for advanced battery manufacturing for electrification of transportation and i... Read More

Time to collaborate and coordinate

March - April 2021
Today, the world is on the move to bring about a change in the mindset of people by introducing climate literacy into our curriculum and bringing about awareness in the youth. Usin... Read More

Accelerators: Bringing breakthrough ideas to market

July-Aug 2020
With 520 incubators and accelerators, India has emerged as the third largest country in the world in terms of active programs. Today, India has over 520 active technology incubator... Read More

Earth Day 2020: IESA unites clean energy and transportation leaders on one platform

May-June 2020
As countries haul through lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, a positive after effect is seen in the form of the nature reclaiming its space. This more than ever has forced ... Read More

Li-ion battery concerns for safe usage

Sept-Oct 2020
The high energy and power density provided by Li-ion battery chemistry also carries with it the propensity to turn catastrophic if not designed, charged or used in an appropriate m... Read More

Universal electrification in rural India – evolution and the way forward

March-April 2020
India's electricity landscape has evolved remarkably in the last few decades. While the country has achieved 'near-universal electrification' a lot remains to be done to power... Read More

Smart City Mission centers carry out COVID-19 ops

March-April 2020
India's hi-tech 100 Smart City Mission was just taking off when the coronavirus struck. A little tweaking, and the war against the pandemic is being fought better, with technology ... Read More

Highlights of IESA webinar on COVID impact on electricity utilities

March-April 2020
On April 2, 2020, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) held an open webinar on 'The Role and Readiness of Electricity Utilities during COVID-19 Effect'. Over 300 participants regis... Read More

Post-lockdown: Old order changeth...

May-June 2020
Amid all the confusion that the coronavirus pandemic has created, at least one thing stands clear – that we will have to live with the infliction in the near future. So far, we hav... Read More
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