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GenCell claims breakthrough in its alternative green ammonia production process

Image for representation purposes only. Source: GenCell

Israel-based H2 and ammonia power solutions provider GenCell has announced that it has achieved significant progress in its innovative process for the synthesis of green ammonia, exceeding the initial expectations of the company. 

The novel process synthesizes green ammonia directly from water at very low temperature and pressure, achieving a Faradaic efficiency of 50 percent in lab results, as against mere 25 percent efficiency in traditional production processes commonly carried globally, the company claims.

GenCell attributes the results to the development of new methods and techniques the overcome the most challenging steps in the nitrogen reduction reaction (NRR) process. The company's novel methods may eventually enable production of green ammonia at a cost lower than that of the alternative method currently in widespread use.

Rami Reshef, CEO and co-founder of GenCell, commented on the development, "After investing significant effort, we are deeply excited to share that we have achieved significant and serious progress in the project we are executing to produce the world's fuel of the future – green ammonia. This news is welcomed by an enormous market eager for solutions to reduce pollutant emissions". 

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He opined that the breakthrough technology will increase the availability of green ammonia for the traditional market sectors namely energy, agriculture, maritime, aviation and semiconductors. "We see great business potential associated with this scientific breakthrough and are acting to complete the development of this valuable technology together with our partner TDK Corporation", he added.

Based on its long-term strategic plan, GenCell is planning to submit a patent application for the technology, and is currently evaluating the significance of the scientific and commercial implications derived from this key development.

"We understand this scientific breakthrough to signify strong business potential and to reinforce our strong interest in advancing this project and moving forward with our technology development towards the next milestone", said Reshef.

"We are confident that the combination of this new technology together with our existing products will enable GenCell to offer the world a unique approach to the delivery of self-contained, green, grid-independent and resilient DER power solutions combining energy storage with on-site power generation to substantially change the face of our energy future – accelerating the transition to renewables while entirely eliminating the need for and expense of fuel transport", he noted. 


Aker signs power deal for green ammonia plant in Norway -  

Green energy developer Aker Horizons has signed a 10-year power purchase agreement with Statkraft, Europe's largest generator of renewable energy, for its large-scale green ammonia plant under development at Narvik in northern Norway. The companies notes that the deal gave Aker a significant amount of the renewable power needed for the facility, one of Europe's earliest large-scale green ammonia projects, having an expected production of between 1,000 and 1,500 tonnes per day. Under the deal, Statkraft will cover Narvik for the first 10 years of the plant's operations, starting 2028.
Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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