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H2X Global, KTM Technologies reveal their hydrogen delivery van prototype

Source: H2X Global

Australian firm H2X Global, in partnership with global automotive engineering firm KTM Technologies GmbH, has unveiled their hydrogen-powered 'Professional van' prototype - the 'Darling' series - at the recently held Body Engineering Days Conference in Aachen, Germany. 

The companies are working together to develop innovative solutions for strong lightweight vehicle bodies. H2X Global is said to be in discussions with a key supplier who will verify and validate its current project status, emphasizing their expertise in roll-forming T4/T6 aluminum sheets, a pivotal element in the manufacturing process.

Chris Reitz, Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder of H2X Global, commented on the development, "H2X Global remains steadfast in its commitment to redefining sustainable transportation solutions, with a dedicated focus on hydrogen-powered vehicles tailored to professional drivers' unique needs". 

"The overwhelming response at Body Engineering Days underscores the industry's acknowledgement of H2X Global's pivotal role in pioneering hydrogen mobility solutions", he added.

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Powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology, the delivery vans make the switch to a zero emissions fleet easy, without compromising on capacity or operational efficiency, the partners claim. The vans boast a payload capacity of about 3.5 tons, with a driving range of over 400 kms in full tank of hydrogen. 

Faster refueling, lower maintenance, and optimum practicality (as against other alternative zero-emission technologies) are the key USPs the manufacturer claim for this van.  

"KTM is thrilled to have collaborated with H2X Global on the unveiling of the Hydrogen Professional Van prototype at the Body Engineering Days conference", said Andy Schuhmacher, Technical Project Manager for KTM Technologies, who unveiled the H2 van on behalf of H2X. 

"This partnership has allowed us to witness firsthand the innovative vision and dedication of H2X Global in pioneering hydrogen-powered solutions for the automotive industry. As a company committed to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering, KTM recognizes the immense potential of hydrogen technology in creating environmentally friendly and groundbreaking vehicles", he added. 

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