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L-Charge launches mobile, ultra-fast, off-grid EV-charging services in Amsterdam

Source: L-Charge

UK-based L-Charge is launching the commercial operation of what the company calls as the world's first mobile, ultra-fast, off-grid EV-charging service in Amsterdam. Powered by low-carbon fuels like LNG, hydrogen or a mixture of both, the EV chargers on light trucks can be called up just like as a taxi service by customers in any place on demand. 

Since 2021, the company has been testing its services in different European countries including Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia and the United Kingdom. From this month onwards, L-Charge's commercial services have officially begun in Amsterdam for the benefit of EV users. 

"The company's solutions remove the main obstacle for EV-owners in Amsterdam – the lack of a supercharging infrastructure – and offer companies from key sectors (including leisure and hospitality, retail, car manufacturing, vehicle rentals, and fleet management) unique advantages of joining the new ultra-fast charging market, advancing their cost-effectiveness, resilience, and the ability to significantly enhance their sustainability credentials," said a company representative, as reported by Automotive World. 

L-Charge will also consider investing in the city's charging infrastructure in the near future, the report added. The company claims that Netherlands EV users are struggling with EV charging points that are slow and absent in remote areas, and that its off-grid superchargers will help to facilitate the transition towards electric transport. 

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The company is developing unique, multifuel off-grid chargers run by LNG, hydrogen or a mixture of both. The mobile charging vans incorporates a mini-power station onboard that uses clean fuels to produce electricity, allowing it to roam freely around the city and be called when needed via the app, in the same manner as a taxi.

Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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