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Morocco floats 400 MWh BESS tender for Noor Midelt III solar-storage project

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The Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen) has issued a prequalification notification for the selection of the private partner who will be in charge of financing, construction and operation of the Noor Midelt III solar-cum-storage project.

With an installed photovoltaic solar capacity of approximately 400 MW and a storage capacity of 400 MWh based on Battery Systems (BESS), the project is perhaps the largest energy storage initiative ever undertaken by the North African country, contributing to a massive integration of renewable energy into the national grid. 

Masen reportedly commented on the solar-cum-storage arrangement, "The hybridization was chosen in order to optimize the operating parameters of the plants by enabling supply of electricity after sunset while providing a low-cost solution for daytime generation". 

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According to media reports, the notification calls for expected net solar power capacity of 200 MWac during off-peak hours, not exceeding 230 MW measured at delivery point. 

With the accelerated deployment of the Noor Midelt I, II and III renewable power plants, the Midelt region will arbitrate one of the largest solar complexes in the world, with an installed capacity total of about 1600 MW. 

The country believes that the new power infrastructure will greatly contribute to the achievement of the objective of the Kingdom to have an electricity mix of which at least 52 percent of the RE capacity by 2030. 

In terms of project financing, the Noor Midelt III will allow greater contribution of the private sector to the deployment of renewable energies and extensive involvement of bank - both Moroccan and international, in its financing, according to Masen. 

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