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Phinergy demos Aluminium-Air Energy Technology for EVs | Auto Expo 2023

Phinergy's aluminium-air energy system installed in a Tata Tiago EV at Auto Expo 2023. Source: Dhiyanesh Ravichandran - ETN

Israeli metal-air technology start-up Phinergy's Indian joint venture Indian Oil Phinergy (IOP) showcased its innovative aluminium-air energy technology for electric vehicles at the on-going Auto Expo Motor Show 2023. IOP's display at the auto expo is part of the Israel-India joint ventures pavilion.

Together with Tata Motors, the company presented a prototype of a Tata Tiago EV powered by its aluminium-air system. The technology was demonstrated in an e-rickshaw as well. 

The metal-air technology turn metals into a clean and efficient energy carrier. The company's technology exploits the abundant energy contained in metal - in this case, aluminium - allowing various applications to efficiently leverage its high energy density for storing, transporting, and generating clean and safe energy.

Phinergy has also developed swappable aluminium-air energy reactors that can be replaced on the go once the metal plates in them are depleted, thus enabling a convenient and efficient energy storage solution for electric vehicles. 

Aluminium, being one of the abundant metals in the world, can be made as thin metal anodes for use in aluminium-air energy systems. They can also be easily transported and can the residual remains of the depleted anodes can be recycled to make fresh aluminium, thus paving way for a sustainable energy transportation and storage. 

Phinergy claims that the al-air technology offers three times higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries at cell level. The company had previously demonstrated the system fitted in a Mahindra Treo E3W, which drove for more than 500 kms continuously before reloading energy packs. 

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Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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