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Pixii powers Malaysia's first BESS supported EV charging station

Source: Pixii

Malaysia has opened its first battery energy storage system (BESS) integrated EV charging station, located along the country's main highway - the North-South Expressway. The 300kW/ 300kWh system will be paired to an on-site solar PV system to augment local power production and alleviate grid strain.

Norwegian energy storage firm Pixii has supplied the battery system to the project, which will be operated by EV Connection (Jom Charge) in partnership with Gentari, a RE subsidiary of Petronas. 

Malaysia has ambitious plans for a rapid roll-out of EV charging infrastructure in the country. In 2021, the country set a goal of 10,000 charging stations by 2025. Currently, there are just over 1,200 stations, and the government has implemented measures to fast-track the approval of new stations.

Pixii claims to have sold energy storage systems for an additional seven fast-charging stations to be operated under the Jom Charge-Gentari network. This is Pixii's first significant order in the Southeast Asia region that boasts substantial growth potential in the e-mobility and energy storage sector.

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Kenneth Bodahl, CEO of Pixii, commented on the development, "Charging stations is an area where our systems create immense value. The usage of charging stations varies widely, and managing demand peaks directly through the grid is challenging. This has especially been a concern in Malaysia. Our energy storage systems provide a buffer to handle these peaks, enabling a power boost that allows for fast charging". 

The company's energy storage systems are based on 'PixiiBox', an advanced power electronics module that transfers energy from the grid to batteries and back to the grid when needed. Pixii's technology stands out in the market for its modularity and scalability, it claims. 

The battery system's modular design makes it reliable and easy to maintain, the company adds. Pixii's storage solutions target various customer segments such as utilities, public and commercial buildings, industrial enterprises, entities balancing the energy grid (frequency market), and EV charging station operators.

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