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Scania launches battery-electric trucks for regional long-haul in Europe

Scania battery-electric truck with R-series cab. Source: Scania

Swedish CV marque Scania is now introducing trucking solutions built upon what it calls the "next level of battery-electric trucks (BEV)". The new generation of e-trucks, available with R or S sleeper cabs, is part of a complete solution that will open the door to the electrified transport landscape wide for a vast number of customers and applications, it claims.

With 624 kWh of batteries installed, Scania provides the means for a major shift regarding electric trucks and their operability in regional long-haul operations. "This introduction represents a major milestone for us and for our partners," says Christian Levin, Scania's CEO.

"We are now increasing our range in every dimension by offering new opportunities for a vast selection of customers and the whole transport ecosystem. These trucks are part of solutions that contain all the capabilities that a transport industry longing for electrification is asking for", he added. The production of these electrified trucks will commence in Q4 2023.

With the new Scania trucks, customers will be able to operate rigids or tractor-and-trailer combinations such as temperature-controlled food transports. Ranges vary with weight, configuration and topography, but a 4x2 tractor with six batteries can expect up to 350 km between each charging, with an average speed of 80 kmph on motorways.

Fixed routes that provide for planned charging at the home-depot or at the destination are most favourable. Opportunity charging during the driver's mandatory 45 minutes rest will of course increase the operative range, according to the truck maker.

The charging capability of the new e-trucks are up to 375 kW, which means that an hour of charging will add some 270 to 300 km of range. The continuous power output level for a Scania 45 R or S is 410 kW (equivalent to some 560 hp).

The availability of charging solutions is indeed crucial for European customers who want to start investing in BEV trucks on a greater scale. Scania has thus teamed up with global partners to offer complete charging solutions that secure a seamless and future-proofed experience for BEV customers. 

Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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