Toshiba develops li-ion battery with cobalt-free 5V-class cathode

Toshiba's prototype battery featuring its new technology. Source: Toshiba

Toshiba Corporation has developed a new iteration of lithium-ion battery using a cobalt-free 5V-class, high-potential cathode material, which can be suited for a variety of applica...

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Stellantis, Kuniko strike deal on long-term supply of nickel sulphate, cobalt sulphate

Source: Stellantis

Automotive group Stellantis N.V. and European battery minerals firm Kuniko Ltd have recently announced the signing of a binding offtake term sheet agreement securing...

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India-Australia Critical Minerals Partnership eyes 5 Lithium, Cobalt projects

India and Australia have reached a major milestone in working towards investment in critical minerals projects to develop supply chains between the two countries. The countries hav...

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Leclanché G/NMCA Li-ion cells claim higher energy density, less cobalt usage

Swiss battery maker Leclanché SA has announced major breakthrough in the environmentally friendly production of modern G/NMCA (graphite-nickel-manganese-cobalt-aluminium&...

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Stellantis inks pact with GME for battery-grade Nickel and Cobalt Sulphate

In pursuit of a strong EV battery value chain in the coming years, Stellantis N.V. and GME Resources Limited have announced the signing of a non-binding MOU for the future sale of ...

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Ford secures 60 GWh of annual battery capacity for 600,000 EVs by late 2023

American automaker Ford's recent announcements regarding a series of initiatives for sourcing battery capacity and raw materials has shed clear light on the company's strategic pla...

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BMW forms closed loop for recycling Ni, Li and Co from Eol batteries in China

The BMW Group is massively expanding its use of secondary material in closed recycling loops to achieve climate neutrality and sustainability. For the first time in China, the BMW ...

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