US unveils global nuclear fusion plan at COP28, even as Japan-EU reactor comes online

John Kerry speaks at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum at Dubai.

"We are edging ever-closer to a fusion-powered reality. And at the same time, yes, significant scientific and engineering challenges exist. Careful thought and thoughtful policy is...

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US will reveal plans to commercialize nuclear fusion at COP28

US Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry (center), flanked by CFS CEO Bob Mumgaard (right) and Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi (left). Image: Eni

The US will outline a strategy for commercializing nuclear fusion power on December 5 at a COP28 event in Dubai, John Kerry, the country's special envoy on climate change, announce...

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US DoE announces $46 million funding for nuclear fusion innovators

The US Department of Energy has announced $46 million in funding to eight companies involved in developing fusion power plants, as part of a government attempt to hold a pilot-scal...

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Microsoft deal puts fusion power in spotlight

Is this the watershed moment for nuclear fusion? Or have two companies jumped the gun? Microsoft has signed a deal for electricity generated from nuclear fusion, in the first such ...

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