South Korea unveils energy transition plan: 3x increase in wind, solar to 72 GW by 2038

Image: Shutterstock

South Korea has announced plans to more than triple renewable energy generation as part of national energy transition plan that will see the country generate majority of its electr...

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Data Point: Europe's first quarter energy mix is looking cleaner than ever

The first quarter of 2024 is looking good for clean energy in Europe. A record 60 percent of the continent's electricity in the first two months of the year came from clean sources...

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India might open nuclear power to private investment, eyes 11,000 MW of new capacity

Unit 3 of Tarapur Atomic Power Station in India. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Government of India is planning to throw open its nuclear sector to private investment to achieve its target of emissions-free power, Reuters reports, quoting government source...

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UK launches competition for small, modular nuclear reactors

The cost for each SMR is expected to be around £2 billion, and Rolls Royce estimates it will generate £250 million in exports. Image Courtesy: Rolls-Royce

Britain has launched a competition to develop small modular nuclear reactors, or SMRs, even as it set up an authority to expand nuclear projects across the country. Interested comp...

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Microsoft deal puts fusion power in spotlight

Is this the watershed moment for nuclear fusion? Or have two companies jumped the gun? Microsoft has signed a deal for electricity generated from nuclear fusion, in the first such ...

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