Webasto presented EV batteries, thermal solutions at Battery Show Europe 2023

Source: Webasto (via LinkedIn)

German auto technologies firm Webasto showcased its extensive range of electromobility products at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart that ended yesterday. The company's dis...

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BorgWarner bags order for its high-voltage EV Battery cooling plates

Automotive technology giant BorgWarner has announced the supply of its innovative battery cooling plates to a major German vehicle manufacturer in Europe and the U.S. markets,...

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WAE, Imperial College London backs Faraday Institution funded BESAFE project

Imperial College London and Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) have announced that they are working on a project to bridge the gap between thermofluid science and battery electroc...

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GM’s Ultium Energy Recovery helps improve charging, acceleration, and range of EVs

GM has announced a feature standard in its Ultium-based EVs that captures and repurposes waste energy from the battery. Through the Ultium Platform's energy recovery system, this w...

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Technotrans developing cooling solutions for NIO battery swap stations in Europe

Thermal management solutions company technotrans SE is coming up with efficient and reliable cooling systems for the 'Power Swap Stations' that the Chinese EV manufacturer NIO is e...

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Matter introduces MatterDrive 1.0 EV Motor, its new intelligent drive train for e-vehicles

Matter has announced the development of the new, high-speed mid-torque Matter Drive1.0 Motor - a breakthrough with a new intelligent drive train incorporating a series of key innov...

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