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TCC along with 7-ELEVEN sets up next-gen EV charging infra in Taiwan

TCC and 7-ELEVEN introduce the first new generation of EV charging service with energy storage in Hualien (Source: TCC DAKA)

Taiwan Cement Corp. (TCC) subsidiary, NHOA.TCC, and President Chain Store's subsidiary, 7-ELEVEN, has announced the "New Energy, New Lifestyle" plan to jointly build a new generation of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that combines green energy, energy storage, and EV charging services. NHOA.TCC's first EV charging infrastructure is located at Hualien's most popular tourist location, TCC DAKA.

The EV charging infrastructure was built by NHOA.TCC is the first of its kind to provide the most comprehensive charging technologies for all EVs. Combined with energy storage, the whole system can adjust electricity supply according to peaks and valleys of electricity use to achieve environmental and energy-saving goals. The infrastructure also houses Taiwan's first pure green (labeled "24K Green") EV charging equipment that uses and stores 100% solar power generated from the DAKA Hoping Flower solar installations. In the future, the project plans to add wind power to transform the infrastructure into a green energy EV charging station.

In continuance with TCC DAKA's emphasis on social responsibility, part of the proceeds from the DAKA EV charging infrastructure built by TCC and 7-ELEVEN will be put into the local Hoping Township Emergency Fund. This is also the first EV charging infrastructure that donates proceeds back to the local community. TCC stated that "EV charging is no longer just an action or habit, it is also a sharing platform to live a greener lifestyle." 

TCC, 7-ELEVEN, Phihong Technology, LDC Hotels & Resorts, Giant Bicycles Taiwan, Audi Taiwan, and Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center (KBCC) and other sustainability partners jointly unveiled the EARTH HELPER initiative and called on EV owners and everyone to participate in sustainable activities such as lower carbon emissions, clean up beaches and reduce household wastes. By participating in these events, participants can accumulate sustainability points. The top three participants, determined by accumulated points, can enjoy a five-days-four-nights low-carbon relaxing family trip planned by LDC Hotels & Resorts that includes activities such as visiting the world-class botanic conservation base located in Gaoshu Township in Pingtung County and participating in botanic conservation activities.

In the inauguration ceremony, TCC Chairman Nelson Chang stated "currently there is not enough clean energy to satisfy human needs, therefore, energy saving is the best and fastest way to balance the energy shortage. From now on, energy-saving, storage, and creation will be key to industries. For individuals, EARTH HELPER is the basic attitude and lifestyle for each one of us sharing this Earth." 

As for the discussions over Taiwan's island-wide power outage incident, Chairman Chang believes Taiwan must develop smart grids. Chairman Chang added that decentralized smart grids have been adopted in Europe and decentralized smart grids need energy storage to achieve their purpose in balancing the power shortage.

Author : Debi Dash
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