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Toyota, Lexus enable EV users to identify ideal charging times to reduce emissions

Source: Toyota

Whether we believe it or now, the power used for EV charging is not always clean and zero-emission, as power generation is not always emission-free, even in developed markets. 

To empower EV customers to do their part to help reduce power plant emissions that impact human health and climate change, Toyota Motor North America has recently entered into an agreement with environmental non-profit organization WattTime. 

The partners' goal is to provide certain health and environmental impact data to Toyota and Lexus customers with eligible vehicles, to enable them to find ideal charging times to reduce emissions when charging at home. 

Leveraging the power of the 'Remote Connect' feature within the Toyota and Lexus apps, the BEV and PHEV customers will be able to manage their home charging experience, via the 'ECO Charging' feature, to select the most efficient times to charge their vehicles, according to the company. 

"With the integration of WattTime data in the Toyota and Lexus apps, we are providing customers an easy and accessible way to identify times when they can charge their vehicle that help reduce environmental impact," said Steve Basra, group vice president, Connected Technologies, Toyota Motor North America. "The Toyota and Lexus apps offer a seamless and simple solution for our customers, and we're confident this will enhance their electrified vehicle ownership experience."

WattTime provides information to everyone from power utilities to individual users on the best forecasted times to pull electricity from the grid for the smallest carbon footprint. As part of its agreement, Toyota will be the exclusive automotive manufacturer to also provide customers with WattTime data related to human health. 

Using that data, customers will be presented with recommended charging schedules that, if used, can potentially reduce the health impact of the electricity being pulled from the local utility.

"Our electrified vehicle customers select our vehicles not only to enjoy a best-in-class customer experience, but also to make a positive impact on our environment and society," said James George, general manager, Toyota EV Charging Solutions. "We will continue to provide solutions both now and in the future in support of Toyota's goal of creating a carbon neutral society."

"With the help of WattTime data, Toyota and Lexus have pioneered a feature in their phone apps to help customers identify when they can charge their electric vehicle with electricity coming from some of the cleanest power plant options available," said Gavin McCormick, executive director of WattTime. "It's a powerful step to protect the planet – and everyone on it."

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Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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