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Morrow secures order for 5.5 GWh LFP BEV2 batteries from Nordic Batteries

From left: Morrow CEO Lars Christian Bacher and Nordic Batteries CEO Jarle Gjøsæther at the signing of the agreement. Source: Morrow Batteries

Battery technology firm Morrow Batteries and pack assembler Nordic Batteries recently signed an agreement for the supply 5.5 GWh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) BEV2 batteries over seven years. The first set of batteries will be supplied from Morrow towards the end of 2024. 

As per the agreement, Nordic Batteries will develop and produce modules and packs based on Morrow's LFP cells. The companies also plan to cooperate in sales and marketing activities and evaluate the possibility of joint production for modules. 

"We are thrilled to announce a signed agreement and particularly excited to sign it with Nordic Batteries. Since we entered the Memorandum of Understanding with Nordic Batteries in August 2023, we have built a great cooperation between the companies," said Lars Christian Bacher, CEO of Morrow Batteries. 

"We are steadfast in our ambition to become Europe's leading LFP battery provider and are experiencing strong customer interest in LFP battery solutions. We look forward to securing more offtake agreements directly and possibly in collaboration with Nordic Batteries," Bacher added. 

Morrow is scheduled to start production of battery cells at its first gigafactory in Arendal, Norway, in the third quarter of 2024.

Nordic Batteries is involved in assembling and manufacturing of battery packs and energy storage systems, customized for maritime and demanding industrial application. 

The company is also developing battery modules and racks with high energy and power ratings. It will install its pilot line in Q2 2024 as the first step towards an automated 1 GWh battery assembly line in Norway.

Jarle Gjøsæther, CEO of Nordic Batteries, commented on the development, "We are excited to join Morrow for LFP offtake and explore the potential of joint module production. As part of the Kongsberg cluster of companies, we understand and recognize the importance of a collaborative business environment". 

He noted that Morrow has become the nexus of an integrated cluster along the "battery coast", while expressing his delight to become a part and contribute to the Norwegian battery value chain. 

Morrow recently reported significantly improved product performance on LFP batteries, with the company's first product's cycle life increased by 30 percent and 10 percent higher energy density. It has produced several thousand cells at its Customer Qualification Line (CQL) and has shipped LFP samples to potential customers for testing and validation since November last year. 

Nordic Batteries has had these sample cells for some time too. They have used the LFP samples for product development and are testing their first functioning prototypes. 


Morrow Batteries, Eldrift get into long-term Battery supply agreement for BESS solutions 

Morrow Batteries and Eldrift have recently agreed to establish a long-term supply of batteries for the latter's battery energy storage solutions. This partnership further strengthens Norway's position as a hub for Europe's battery and energy storage industry, they claim.
Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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