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Fortescue opens PEM electrolyzer manufacturing facility in Australia

Australia-based global metal mining and green energy major, Fortescue on Monday (April 8) announced that it has opened its electrolyzer manufacturing facility in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.

The 15,000 sq. meters advanced manufacturing facility, constructed and fully commissioned in little over two years is expected to produce over 2GW of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer stacks annually. Fortescue claims the facility is also the first in the world to house an automated assembly line.

"The process of splitting hydrogen and oxygen isn't new – but the innovative ways the world is looking to use green hydrogen to decarbonize are, and that means demand for green hydrogen and for the electrolyzers to produce it is growing rapidly," said Mark Hutchinson, CEO of Fortescue.

"This facility positions Fortescue and Gladstone as a large-scale producer of what will be an increasingly sought-after commodity in the global shift to green energy.

The Gladstone facility will produce electrolyzers that are designed in-house by Fortescue's team in Australia and the United States.

"We're strategically focused on building out our energy business. Not only are we developing a pipeline of green energy projects, we're also now designing and manufacturing the specialized equipment and technology that will underpin our green hydrogen projects and that of others," Hutchinson added.

With the latest manufacturing facility, Fortescue looks to establish itself as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for electrolyzers – a key commodity in the global shift to green energy.

The electrolyzers facility is the first stage of a wider Green Energy Manufacturing Centre being developed by Fortescue on the 100-hectare Gladstone site. The next phases will also include a hydrogen system testing facility and Fortescue's PEM50 green hydrogen project.

"We will continue to research, manufacture, source and invest in new electrolyzer technologies across the world to give us the best possible competitive position," Hutchinson stated. 


Australia's Fortescue readies $600 million green push in US market -  

Australian mining company Fortescue announced about $800 million in investments over the next three years, mainly in the US, where it is seeking greater market exposure and setting up a capital unit. The company said it would invest about $550 million in a US hydrogen hub at Phoenix in Arizona, where it will develop an 80 MW electrolyzer and liquefaction facility. The unit will have production capacity of up to 11,000 tonnes a year of liquid green hydrogen and is expected to begin production in 2026. In addition, Fortescue will also invest about $200 million across two projects in Australia: $150 million in the 50 MW Gladstone green hydrogen project in Queensland, and $50 million in the Christmas Creek green iron trial commercial plant in Western Australia.
Author : Shraddha Kakade
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