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SunHydrogen, COTEC step up production of innovative green hydrogen panels

Image for representation purposes only. Source: SunHydrogen

Iowa-based SunHydrogen has initiated the scale-up phase for production of 1m² green hydrogen panels with its industrial partner COTEC from South Korea. The company's breakthrough technology enables production of renewable hydrogen using sunlight and water. 

SunHydrogen's patented technology is claimed as the only self-contained nanoparticle-based hydrogen generation device at present, which can split water molecules into high-purity green hydrogen and oxygen using solar energy. 

Similar to solar panels producing electricity, the company's hydrogen panel encases multiple hydrogen generators immersed in water. Each hydrogen generator contains billions of electroplated nanoparticles, autonomously splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen, thereby generating low-cost green hydrogen. 

COTEC, located in Changwon, has established a dedicated laboratory to SunHydrogen's technology that is currently under development. The South Korean firm is known for industrial electroplating and electrochemical processes, and claims to hold expertise across the aerospace, automotive, defense, and nuclear industries.


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"With the successful completion of COTEC's initial exploration phase, we're excited to announce the next phase of scaling SunHydrogen's generators for 1m² green hydrogen panels," said SunHydrogen's Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Syed Mubeen.

SunHydrogen's CEO Tim Young, who visited the newly established lab in South Korea, commented on the development, ""Given the breakthrough nature of our technology, our team is mindful of the fact that scaling to 1m² presents inherent challenges, and we believe COTEC is the ideal partner to help us address those challenges".

"I would like to thank COTEC for their dedication to our shared goals and our shareholders and supporters for their patience as we work to bring world-changing technology closer to commercialization. Our team is delighted to begin 2024 with this work underway, and we look forward to sharing our ongoing progress with you", he added.

The company also claims to have involved several other partners to successfully commercialize the green hydrogen panel technology in global markets.


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