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Adani reportedly planning $9 bn GH2 play, including specialized export ships

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Adani Group plans to invest $9 billion to set up manufacturing and transportation infrastructure at its green hydrogen venture in Kutch, Gujarat, according to media reports. The green hydrogen will be produced through electrolysis of water using energy sourced from renewable power generation projects.

Of the $9 billion spend, the company plans to invest $5 billion in manufacturing and operating electrolyzers. The project will initially utilize alkaline electrolyzers, but transition into manufacturing electrolyzers based on anion exchange membrane technology, the reports claim.

Business daily Mint said the company was aiming for capacity of 1 million tonnes per annum in its initial phase. It also quoted sources as saying the plan includes deployment of specialized ships to export hydrogen to Europe and Asia. 

"The group is in the first stage. Around $4 billion will be invested for setting up the manufacturing components and equipment needed to operate the plants, stacks and balance of plant (BoP) in the production cycle. This is the most critical part of the cycle. Once it is ready, it can support the next two phases too with some degree of expansion," it quotes a source as saying.

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