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​Amara Raja licenses prismatic, cylindrical cell technology from Gotion subsidiary GIB

Amara Raja announced it had tied up with leaing global battery manufacturing company Gotion High-Tech for LFP cell technology. The agreement was signed between Amara Raja Advanced Cell Technologies (ARACT), a subsidiary of Amara Raja Energy & Mobility (ARE&M), and GIB EnergyX Slovakia, a subsidiary of China's Gotion.

The agreement grants ARACT access to Gotion's world-class LFP (lithium iron phosphate) technology for lithium-ion cells. This comprehensive partnership allows Amara Raja to manufacture LFP cells in both cylindrical and prismatic formats. Additionally, the licensing deal provides ARACT with:

  • Access to cell technology intellectual property (IP)
  • Support in establishing state-of-the-art giga factory facilities
  • Integration with Gotion's global supply chain for critical battery materials
  • Technical support for deploying battery solutions

This technology transfer and service agreement aligns with Amara Raja's goals of operationalizing its giga factory and its advanced research center, e+ Energy Labs. The center aims to be a leader in India's lithium-ion battery research and development. 

Amara Raja's commitment to innovation is further strengthened by their investment in the Amara Raja Giga Corridor project in Telangana, India, announced last year. The partnership with Gotion ensures Amara Raja has access to continuous improvements in cell performance and production efficiency.

Both Amara Raja and Gotion are shareholders and board members of InoBat, a Slovakian lithium battery technology company focused on advanced applications like electric aviation and sustainable battery life cycles. GIB, a joint venture between Gotion High-Tech and InoBat, recently secured an investment agreement with the Slovakian government to develop the country's first LFP battery giga factory.

Gotion High-Tech brings extensive experience to the table, boasting eight global R&D centers, over 8,000 battery-related patents, 20 manufacturing locations worldwide, and a projected production capacity of 300 GWh by 2025. This partnership positions Amara Raja to become a major player in India's lithium-ion battery production and contribute to the country's transition to clean energy. 


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Author : Mandar Bakre
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