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Bloom Energy builds 1 MW Solid Oxide Fuel Cell plant at Ferrari’s Maranello facility

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna and Bloom Energy Founder and CEO, KR Sridhar, at Ferrari’s Maranello in Italy. Source: Bloom Energy

Ferrari has recently announced the commissioning of a new 1 MW solid oxide fuel cell plant at its Maranello facility in Italy. The plant was built by Bloom Energy and provides 5 percent of the energy required for factory's production activities by reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Compared to CHP (Combined Heat and Power) cogeneration systems, gas requirements are cut by around 20 percent with a significant energy saving. Further, a reduction of more than 99 percent of the pollution that causes the build-up of smog and particulate matter has been realized, as per company's claims.

Benedetto Vigna, Ferrari CEO, commented on the development, "Ferrari is working harder than ever to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, through the adoption of leading-edge technologies and of a scientific approach that are written in our DNA. We are thrilled to partner with Bloom Energy, as both our Companies are highly committed to a decarbonization path, and proud to host its first European installation".

In addition to high levels of efficiency, this innovative technology platform offers flexibility in the choice of energy sources required to power the plant including hydrogen, natural gas, biomethane or a combination, converting the fuel into electricity without combustion.

"Ferrari is a legendary trailblazer in the luxury automotive industry, and Bloom Energy commends their commitment to leading in both operational excellence and carbon neutrality across their entire value chain by 2030," said KR Sridhar, founder, chairman, and CEO, Bloom Energy.

"By collaborating, we're showcasing how energy-intensive industries, such as manufacturing, can be decarbonized through clean, reliable energy. Ferrari is an ideal partner for Bloom's entry into the European manufacturing landscape, where energy resilience is more crucial than ever. Bloom Energy's fuel cell platform is a best-in-class solution for a best-in-class luxury automaker", he added.

Bloom Energy's Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) have been deployed in 100s of applications across healthcare, data centers, critical manufacturing, retailers and so on, according to the US-based firm.

The SOFC technology is being used to generate combustion-free, emissions-free and carbon-free electricity from hydrogen. It enables highly efficient, distributed power generation with the same focus on reliability over the last 15 years, claims Bloom Energy.

On a related note, recent media reports claim that Ferrari is planning to expand the Maranello production facility for EV production, along with a battery development and research center inside the facility. 

Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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