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BorgWarner secure orders for its Battery packs, e-motors from global OEMs

BorgWarner's ultra-high energy battery pack. Source: BorgWarner.

In a series of announcements, BorgWarner recently revealed that it has bagged orders from global electric vehicle OEMs and power technology companies for its latest products on vehicle electrification. This includes the company's ultra-high energy battery packs, High-Voltage Hairpin (HVH) e-motors, and high-voltage e-fan systems. 

The automotive technology major has said that it will supply a pair of standardized ultra-high energy packs and a battery management system for a series of electric buses, which will be integrated into its electrification package for each vehicle. The package will be sold to an electric bus manufacturer in Georgia, BorgWarner added. 

"We are eager to work together with our electric powertrain customer as we continue to cultivate and grow our relationship as partners focused on the future of electrification," said Volker Weng, Vice President and General Manager, BorgWarner Drivetrain and Battery Systems. "This new business win with our battery technology broadens our industry reach and delivers a more efficient option for school transportation."

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BorgWarner's 98 kWh battery packs are claimed as safe and reliable, with state-of-the-art safety features including current overcharge protection, cell-level passive propagation resistance, and electrical disconnection at the individual cell wire bonds that satisfy the industry's strict electric vehicle battery safety standards. 

Additionally, the battery pack is said to offer active cooling and deliver industry-leading energy density of 274 Wh/liter and 177 Wh/kilogram. The production of the battery packs began in March 2023 in the US.

BorgWarner's HVH e-motors, on the other hand, is meant for Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT) and Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) of a Chinese automaker. The motor uses a compact design with an optimized conductor-winding structure that shortens the motor, making it suitable for smaller installation space, and improves efficiency on major driving cycles, according to the company. 
Further, the motor has been designed with a reduction in heavy rare earth elements, leading to a lower motor cost. The optimization of the auxiliary slot provides reduced motor NVH levels, meeting customer requirements for a quieter vehicle, offers optimal cost and increased efficiency, BorgWarner adds. 

As far as BorgWarner's high-voltage e-fan system is concerned, the company is supplying its complete e-fan R10 system, which includes a fan, e-motor and integrated high-voltage inverter. The system can be applied to BEVs and FCEVs, will be on a "global OEM's heavy-duty battery-electric trucks to achieve the highest cooling requirements and deliver best-in-class performance".

The eFan R10 is capable of up to 10 kW power and 40 Nm torque with an operating temperature range from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius. The system has a wide operating voltage range from 600V up to 850V without derating, ensuring compatibility with various high-voltage commercial vehicle electrical systems.

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