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IESW 2024: Plenary session offers ways to accelerate India's mobility transition

The plenary session of IESW.

The plenary session on Day 1 of India Energy Storage Week 2024 -- dedicated to EVs -- was on the topic 'way forward to accelerate e-mobility, manufacturing, R&D and safe adoption in India via innovation'.  

Moderated by Anjan Merkap, India Practise Lead, Customized Energy Solutions, the panel touched upon export-import opportunities, global partnerships and technology transfer, R&D and innovation in battery and e-mobility, new battery technologies, and innovation through virtualization. 

Merkap highlighted the prevailing situation in the industry, pointing out the EV had reached a 'credibility gap' – we have passed the 'innovators' and 'early adopters' stages, and need to find the path to 'early majority', he told the audience. 

Om Krishan, scientist Meity, outlined government support programs for technology development.  

Anil Kumar of Ansys India spoke on the benefits of virtualization, pointing out that manufacturing prowess or physical testing is still to develop in India. In such a case, he added, virtual products can help companies run testing models that aid their manufacturing process. 

Gautam Patil, Head of Strategy & New Innovation, Cygni Energy, took the audience through Cygni's manufacturing set-up. Cygni believes battery technology evolution has just started, and there will be no winner-takes-all chemistry, he said. 

Patil also touched on the advantages of sodium-ion batteries and Cygni's reason for investments in that space.  

Sandeep Gambhir, CEO, Vertelo, offered a look into the company's electrification efforts, which span the gamut from financing to charging infrastructure. "What we are trying to do is not only solve for capital, but whatever solves electrification at a faster space," he said.   

Mukesh Dadhich, Head-Business Development, Sustainability & Clean Technology, BSES Yamuna,  spoke from the discom point of view, and the need for a robust, flexible, resilient grid system to provide highly reliable power to installations. He explained the cost per MW capacity added to a grid, and urged scientists to look 'before' or in front of the meter (FTM) and not just behind the meter (BTM), indicating a need to focus on utilities and not just consumers. 

Utkarsh Mishra, Global Innovation Portfolio Lead, Hero MotoCorp and Dr Barry Pearce, Strategic Key Accounts Manager - Clean Energy, Thermofisher Scientific, Akshay Kashyap also spoke at the event.  

Dr. Desikan Sundararajan, India MD, Equinor,  explained the investment philosophy behind their $750 million investment fund and investments across the breadth of the battery landscape.   

For more details of the IESW 2024, visit indiaesa.info

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