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California-based EvGateway commences operations in India

Image Courtesy: EvGateway

California-based turn-key Electric Vehicles (EV) infrastructure solutions provider EvGateway has announced the launch of its operation in India.

The company headquartered in Hyderabad (Telangana), will deliver innovation in the Indian EV marketplace and help advance electric vehicle adoption, by offering easy-to-use solutions for drivers and charger owners alike.

EvGateway provides intelligent and advanced EV charging management services to customers of all industries and varied charging requirements. The company will bring to the Indian market the most efficient and innovative EV solutions in the industry.

Reddy Marri, president, EvGateway, stated: "Our global experience of integration of various technologies like telematics, V2G, CRMs into our SaaS platform enables us to provide effective solutions to clients of all sizes and adapt to every changing scenario."

EvGateway will deliver advanced controls and features to fleet operators, large enterprises, and charging station owners, to allow them to effectively manage and optimize their EV infrastructure.

The company is integrated with all major EV charging manufacturers (Tritium, Siemens, Tellus Power, BTC Power, ABB, Efafec, Power Electronics, Rhombus, and more) and so, can provide customers with the major variety of options for a best-in-class turnkey offering.

"A significant portion of the product was developed at our development centre in India, and we continue to enhance the products from here. Along with the US team, we offer 24×7 support for the product from Hyderabad (We offer 24×7 support for the product from Hyderabad through our collective effort with the US team). It is indeed a moment of pride for us that we are finally bringing our product to India and contributing to its EV initiatives," said Uday Chagari, head of EvGateway India. 

Author : Debi Dash
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