Mindspace REIT - Making 'green' real estate a reality in India

Mindspace Business Parks REIT, a leader in sustainable practices in the real estate industry in India has taken several measures to reduce carbon footprint... Read More

There is a clear business case for renewable investment: Earth Day Webinar

March - April 2021
Emerging Technology News commemorated the 51st anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2021, with the release of the Earth Day special issue of ETN magazine and by organizi... Read More

An affordable eco-friendly commute

Amit Gupta, CEO – Yulu Bikes, shared with ETN how his company's micro-mobility EV is re-defining urban mobility across the country. Q: What was the vision behind Urban Mobilit... Read More

Decarbonizing transport: Vehicle Scrappage Policy

The recently announced voluntary vehicle scrappage policy could be instrumental not only in eliminating high co2 emitting old vehicles but also in fast-tracking shift to e-mobility... Read More

The e-4W market set to accelerate e-mobility in India

With the arrival of numerous new technologies and innovations in the EV space, there are several opportunities on the rise! India has huge plans for EVs and their emerging tec... Read More

Establishing robust charging infra; accelerated EV uptake expected

A strong EV charging infrastructure is crucial to facilitate rapid growth in EV adoption, requisite to reach India's policy targets. One of the ways to contribute to a cleaner and ... Read More

India’s e-2W sector envisions a smooth ride towards e-mobility

The EV sales have increased in the past five years with an increase in the adoption of high-performance e-2Ws. Over the years, e-2Ws have penetrated the market and will continue to... Read More
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