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H2B2's SoHyCal: Large-scale green hydrogen project in California unveiled

Source: H2B2

Claimed as the first and largest green hydrogen plant to become operational in North America, SoHyCal facility located in in Fresno, California is a landmark project for H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies, Inc. Awarded by he California Energy Commission, the facility has become operational with the production of hydrogen using renewable energy sources. 

The project envisages 100 percent clean hydrogen production using PEM technology, with a nameplate manufacturing capacity of up to 3 tons of green hydrogen per day using solar energy from a photovoltaic (PV) plant. In its initial phase of development, the facility is now capable of producing 1 ton of H2 per day using biogas from nearby dairy farms. 

The H2 facility is expected to transition into its second phase with solar power sometime in the second quarter of 2024. In its full capacity, the SoHyCal plant can support hydrogen well enough to power up to 210,000 cars or 30,000 city buses in a year, according to the company. 

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"In the quest for a greener energy transition, SoHyCal represents a cornerstone in California's commitment to developing and promoting clean and sustainable hydrogen fuel technologies", commented Pedro Pajares, CEO of H2B2 USA. 

"The project is poised to significantly contribute to the surging demand for hydrogen, particularly for transportation applications, the reduction of emissions, and the decarbonization in mobility", he added. The SoHyCal facility is expected to serve the hydrogen refueling stations in the San Joaquin Valley and San Francisco Bay area.

H2B2 has secured $3.96 million in grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) Clean Transportation Programme for the development of the SoHyCal project. Earlier in May this year, the company announced plans to go public via a $750 million SPAC. 

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