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Hyundai Transys develops the world's first disconnector technology for e-vehicles

Hyundai Transys' all-wheel drive (AWD) disconnector system technology (Source: Hyundai Transys)

Hyundai Transys has announced that it developed the world's first "all-wheel drive (AWD) disconnector system for electric vehicles" and started mass production last month.

Hyundai Transys' all-wheel drive (AWD) disconnector system technology for electric vehicles is applied to the Hyundai Motor Group electric vehicle platform E-GMP and was first installed on Ioniq 5. Hyundai Transys plans to target the global electric vehicle market by continuing to increase the number of models applied thereafter.

The disconnector system for electric vehicles AWD is a device that attaches to the electric vehicle reducer and separates or connects the motor and drive shaft according to the driving situation. When driving at high speed, not on snowy or rough roads that require AWD, energy efficiency can be improved by disconnecting the auxiliary drive shaft and converting it to 2WD. Accordingly, it is possible to increase the mileage of an electric vehicle by reducing unnecessary power loss and improving efficiency by about 6-8 percent. In addition, it is possible to increase the space utilization of electric vehicles by improving marketability to facilitate mounting.

Previously, there was AWD disconnector technology for internal combustion engines, but Hyundai Transys was the first in the world to develop it for electric vehicles.

Hyundai Transys said, "Electric vehicles have a lot of challenges in development, such as noise and switching shock savings that were not generated by conventional internal combustion engine disconnectors due to different driving sources." Rather, it was not easy to develop a technology that could increase efficiency, since, in the case of disconnectors for electric vehicles, the structure is simpler than in internal combustion engine transmission."

"Disconnector system is a core technology that secures vehicle driving performance while increasing the mileage of one-time charge, which is important to electric vehicle consumers," said the person in charge of developing electric vehicle disconnectors. "Based on the technology we have accumulated, we will secure a new competitive edge to make our own specialized electric vehicle decelerators," he added. 

Author : Moulin Oza
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