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IESW 2024: Technological tie-ups to fuel global growth in green hydrogen

From left: Debi Prasad Dash, Nishaanth Balashanmugam, Surbhi Goyal, and Anurag Tiwari.

The Global Green Hydrogen Partnership for Growth aims to promote the use of hydrogen, the world's most abundant fuel. What are the frameworks within which technological tie-ups can be formed? 

A panel on the fourth day of IESW 2024 moderated by Debi Prasad Dash, Executive Director, IESA, deliberated on the issue.  

Surbhi Goyal, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank, spoke from the financer's side. She listed the institution's policy actions and the funds available for disbursement, as well as process followed post-disbursement. 

She indicated there the was no "direct dollar-to-dollar mapping", but the funds go to the government as a whole for utilization as it sees fit, as long as certain conditions are met. The institution doesn't map the funds so much as "map key performance indicators of the project or scheme, which are linked to green hydrogen," she told the audience. 

Anurag Tiwari, Product Manager, Thermofisher Scientific spoke from the researcher's point of view towards colloboration and pointed out that research in academia started from before 2018, the year in which the world took note of green hydrogen.

ThermoFisher, he also pointed out, was present "every step of the way, from lab equipment to specialty chemicals" for players interested in the hydrogen space. 

Nishaanth Balashanmugam, Country Manager–India, Green Hydrogen Organization, a Swiss non-profit seeking hydrogen standardization globally, said India was already exceeding its targets and doing this at a rapid pace.

"If you look at all the policy actions coming from GH2 space, they are aligned with other policy actions coming from other areas from government agencies to even research academies such as IIT Madras and IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi," he said. His assessment was that "India is collectively committed to making the green hydrogen dream happen."

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