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IRP Systems, Bosch partners for mass production of electric motor controllers

TrueDrive technology (Source: IRP Systems)

IRP Systems has announced that it has signed a strategic agreement with Bosch for the industrialization and serial manufacturing of IRP's personal mobility electric motor controllers. 

The partnership brings together Bosch's renowned automotive manufacturing capabilities and IRP's innovative e-powertrain technology to deliver top quality, robust and affordable controllers for a variety of personal mobility OEMs in Europe and worldwide.

Electric personal mobility vehicles (scooters, motorcycles, three-wheelers, and quadricycles) have become a dominant solution for comfortable, environment-friendly urban mobility. Their proliferation in major cities around the world is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. High-quality powertrain solutions are key to the accelerated adoption of personal mobility. Leveraging unique control algorithms and electronics design, IRP's TrueDrive Dynamic controllers offer an outstanding 'in-control' driving experience, superior performance, reliability and efficiency, advanced functionality, and extensive customization options.

Bosch integrates all the industrial constraints of manufacturing and testing right from the design stages by offering a DfX (Design for eXcellence) service. The industrialization and manufacturing of IRP's products will be led by Bosch Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) business unit headquarters in Mondeville, France. Established in 2020, EMS supports customers from small to large series in the automotive, industrial, health, energy, networks, and aerospace markets.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with a market leader such as Bosch on the industrialization of our products," said Moran Price, IRP Systems Co-founder, and CEO.

"This collaboration will help IRP to serve our European customers much better, with local manufacturing and superior supply safety. It will also enable us to significantly enhance our delivery capacity to accommodate the growing demand for our products worldwide," she added.

"For more than a century, no automobile has been built without at least one Bosch part," said Claude Alemany, Head of Bosch EMS and Mondeville plant General Manager.

"This collaboration, spearheaded by the Bosch Israel team, enables Bosch to take part in complementary e-mobility markets and strengthen its position as a key player in the electronic manufacturing sector. This kind of collaborative effort is a good example of how Bosch's expertise can be decisively beneficial to innovative companies that are looking to scale up their offering."

"The value proposition of Bosch EMS for the Israeli ecosystem is substantive," added Tal Dekel, Open Innovation Manager at Robert Bosch Technologies Israel. 

"Making Bosch' design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as our logistics competencies available to companies that are in growth will allow them the secure delivery of high-end innovative products." 

Author : Debi Dash
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