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MNRE issues simplified procedure to install rooftop solar plant for residential consumers

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has announced that it has issued a simplified procedure for the residential consumers to get the rooftop solar plant installed by themselves or through any vendor of their choice under the Rooftop Solar Programme.

The new simplified procedure will be as follows:

  • A national portal for registering applications from the beneficiary, approval thereof, and tracking progress will be developed. There will be a portal in a similar format at the level of the DISCOMs and both the portal will be linked.
  • The household beneficiary, who wishes to install Rooftop Solar (RTS) under the new mechanism will apply on the national portal. The beneficiary will be required to submit necessary information including details of the bank account where the subsidy amount will be transferred. At the time of application, the beneficiary will be informed about the complete process and subsidy amount that can be availed for the installation of the RTS plant.
  • The application will be forwarded online to the concerned DISCOM for issuance of technical feasibility approval within the next 15 working days. After the application is transferred to the DISCOM it will also be displayed on the DISCOM portal.
  • After obtaining technical feasibility, the beneficiary will install the RTS plant from any vendor of his choice by selecting solar modules fulfilling the conditions of DCR and enlistment under ALMM and inverters which are certified by J3IS. The list of empaneled vendors will be provided on the portal. To ensure quality and post-installation services, MNRE will issue standards and specifications for the RTS plant and a format of an agreement to be executed between the beneficiary and the vendor. The agreement among other terms and conditions will have the provision to ensure that the RTS plant installed meets safety and performance standards and that the vendor would maintain the plant for the next 5 years or higher period as per terms of the agreement.
  • The beneficiary has to install its plant within a specified period otherwise his application will be canceled, and he has to re-apply for installation of the RTS plant.
  • Upon installation of the RTS plant, the beneficiary will apply for net-metering on the national portal, which will be forwarded online to the concerned DISCOM. The concerned DISCOM will either procure and install the net-meter or it will advise the beneficiary to procure the net-meter as per prescribed specifications and get it tested from the DISCOM authorized lab. The decision of the DISCOM will be posted on the portal.
  • After installation of the net-meter, the DISCOM officer will submit a commissioning and inspection report on the national portal, which will also be reflected on the DISCOM portal.
  • On receiving the inspection report, the subsidy will be released directly in the bank account of the beneficiary by DISCOM.
  • The whole process will be monitored, and a grievance redressal mechanism will be put in place.

It is expected that the national portal will be developed in about six to eight weeks. Till the national portal comes into operation, the existing procedure for availing subsidy for installation of the rooftop solar plant through DISCOMs will continue and will be the only authorized procedure to avail subsidy from MNRE. After the National portal is set up, the beneficiary will have the choice of installing RTS availing either of the options. 

Author : Debi Dash
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