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Northvolt, Fluence collaborate for sustainable battery technology

Leading energy storage technology company, Fluence and European battery manufacturing major, Northvolt have announced to co-develop next-generation battery technology for grid-scale storage applications.

As part of the agreement, Fluence also plans to purchase battery systems from Northvolt.

"Grid-scale energy storage will play a crucial role in transforming the way we power our world, and we are excited to join forces with a true innovator like Northvolt to deliver technology with significant societal and environmental benefits," said Manuel Perez Dubuc, CEO of Fluence.

"This integrated approach to optimize battery technology for Fluence product offerings is intended to make our systems greener, more cost-effective and more impactful, and to help us meet growing demand for sustainable energy storage solutions around the world."

The collaboration looks to develop Northvolt's battery hardware and battery management systems optimized for Fluence energy storage solutions. Fluence intends to lower cost of ownership and create unique opportunities for its customers through digital intelligence, tightly integrated through the full product lifecycle from battery manufacturing to end-of-life.

According to official statement, agreement provides Northvolt with an unmatched channel to deliver systems to the global market and expands Fluence's supply chain to include the leading European-based battery manufacturer.

Northvolt recently announced a $200 million investment to ramp up its stationary energy storage manufacturing capacity. Both Fluence and Northvolt are focused on decarbonizing battery supply chain. Northvolt is focused on developing the world' greenest battery, using clean power at its production facilities and is also developing advanced recycling capabilities for batteries.

"In order to reach the Paris Agreement, the world needs to make significant investments in building truly sustainable energy grids. And battery systems will play a crucial part in that process," said Peter Carlsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Northvolt.

The two companies are also collaborating with OEMs globally to evolve batteries and systems for energy storage applications and integrating learnings to speed-up the transition to sustainable products. 

Author : Shraddha Kakade
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