OneD Battery Sciences unveils SINANODE, next-gen EV battery technology

OneD Battery Sciences has announced that it has launched SINANODE, breakthrough technology to power the next generation of EV batteries. To build a battery with more silicon, a lon... Read More

Setting up a giga factory: What does it take?

May-June 2021
What actually is a Giga factory? It is a large-scale manufacturing facility to primarily make battery cells for use in electric vehicles. The term 'Giga' itself is indicative ... Read More

Cathode - the energy source of a Li-ion battery

May-June 2021
The cathode is the energy source of a lithium-ion battery. Building strong supply chains, such as cathode and anode plants, and securing supply of critical raw materials will be cr... Read More

Separator – Ensuring battery safety and reliability

May-June 2021
Acting as a mechanical barrier between the cathode and anode, the separator serves an important cell safety function and allows maximum ionic exchange in the Li-ion battery cell. A... Read More

Electrolyte – Enabling ions transport within a Li-ion battery

May-June 2021
Electrolytes are vital components of an electrochemical energy storage device. They are usually composed of a solvent or mixture of solvents and a salt or a mixture of salts which ... Read More

Li-ion cell manufacturing: A look at processes and equipment

May-June 2021
The production of the lithium-ion battery cell consists of three main stages: electrode manufacturing, cell assembly, and cell finishing. Each of these stages has sub-processes, th... Read More

Manufacturing of high-quality Li-ion cells and batteries

May-June 2021
This article goes through the processes involved in lithium-ion cell and battery manufacturing and what needs to be controlled to manufacture high-quality cells and batteries. Manu... Read More

Establishing India’s battery manufacturing capabilities

May-June 2021
Successful implementation of the Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Storage Programme will not only enhance the battery manufacturing sector but also help attract investmen... Read More

What to expect from the EV market post-pandemic?

May-June 2021
As the world shut down to combat the coronavirus so did the EV market, with sales dropping drastically, first in China, and then in the rest of the world. Adam Panayi, Managing Dir... Read More

Delta-Q Technologies unveils XV3300 battery charging solutions

Delta-Q Technologies has announced that it has introduced a new line of battery charging solutions with the launch of the XV3300. Its unique design combines a high-performance 3.3k... Read More
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