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SOLARLIGHTKOREA CO., Ltd. unveils Electrical RESL, tech to recover metals from secondary batteries

High-efficiency recycling solution for global waste batteries using eco-friendly dry complete discharging (Source: SOLARLIGHTKOREA)

Korea-based battery manufacturer, SOLARLIGHTKOREA CO., Ltd. has announced that it has been to decompose cells and dry extract very high anodes and cathodes using innovative complete dry discharge technology.

With the growing battery recycling industry, attention is also focused on basic resources, which are limited and difficult to extract.

SOLARLIGHTKOREA CO., Ltd. occupies a globally dominant position in energy recycling thanks to innovative basic technology for the ecological circulation of battery sources called "Electrical RESL (Recovery Solid Electrical Interphase)", which completely removes lithium ions contained in the cathode of the secondary battery and transfers them all to because no further physics-chemical reactions take place and stable compounds are formed, a fire or explosion can be fully prevented even if the secondary battery is cut, ignited or punctured.

Above all, this technology makes it possible to consume 99.99 percent of the remaining battery energy and thus ensure the stability of the resulting substances, so that precious metals can be easily recovered for future recycling. It also makes it possible to reduce mining costs, thanks to the creation of a system for the use of high value-added resources that will be more efficient and cost-effective, so further success can be expected in this area. The new technology is also likely to drive growth, increase international competitiveness and help raise additional resources. There is a new demand in the field for the recycling of secondary batteries with technology for obtaining resources enabling a stable supply of precious metals and their ecological recovery.

"New technology from SOLARLIGHTKOREA CO., Ltd. is one of the key pre-processing technologies that offer alternative solutions to the problem of stability and economic/technological constraints, which is a burning issue in battery recycling, "says CEO of SOLARLIGHTKOREA CO., Ltd."

In the field of secondary batteries, we face Recovery Solid Electrical Interphase (RESL) technology has thus become a promising solution for battery circulation and basic technology for the entire secondary battery cycle, and we expect this innovative recycling technology using fast and complete dry discharge to create a global circulation system. resources that will allow for further growth. " 

Author : Debi Dash
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