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Sungrow, Doral inks contract for Israel's first DC-coupled liquid-cooled ES project

Liquid Cooled Energy Storage System (Source: Sungrow)

Sungrow has announced that it has signed a 66 MW/253 MWh energy storage contract with the Doral Renewable Energy Resources Group, Israel-based renewable energy, and environmental infrastructure developer.

This is Israel's first DC-coupled liquid-cooled energy storage project and will further enhance the stability and reliability of Israel's electricity grid because of the increasing market growth of PV-based plants.

As the Israeli government races to meet the goal of producing 30 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2030, solar-plus-storage solutions are becoming the future-proof and sustainable trend to ensure the reliability of the power grid. Solar is expected to be the major contributor, accounting for 26 percent of this goal.

Sungrow will supply the latest DC-coupled liquid-cooled energy storage system (ESS) solutions to Doral Energy's solar-plus-storage projects. The 4-hour liquid-cooled ESS slashes capital and operating expenses due to its pre-assembled and easy installation design as well as a more effective cell working environment which substantially slows down the capacity loss rate. Meanwhile, the DC-coupled design is streamlined and doesn't need an additional power conversion system (PCS) and a medium-voltage station, which is cost-saving for the project.

Doral Energy is the largest ESS developer in Israel and its total pipeline in both Solar Storage I & II government tenders reaches 1.44 GWh. Yaki Noyman, CEO of Doral Energy commented, "With Sungrow's solution we finalized our procurement needs for PV + Storage Tender number 1 and made a first step working with Sungrow to allow our global storage effort to rely on key suppliers."

Roni Brandes, Head of Storage, Projects, and Procurement of Doral commented, "Sungrow's DC-coupled design as well as the liquid-cooled technology present competitive solutions for the PV plus Storage Tenders, making Doral's hybrid plants a landmark project throughout the region. We appreciate the dedication and expertise of Sungrow as it offers a technological solution enabling a lower initial investment and at the same time maximizing the potential for the project's stakeholders."

"We're thrilled to partner with Doral Energy to offer the DC-coupled liquid-cooled ESS solution," said Tzvi Ben David, General Manager of Sungrow Israel.

"We signed a 430 MWh liquid-cooled energy storage supply contract with Enlight Energy in late 2021 and landed a 64 MWh contract with Afcon for Dalia Power Energies in March. Through the addition of the 253 MWh agreement, Sungrow is reported to be one of the key energy storage solution suppliers in Israel, contributing to net-zero carbon ambition locally," he added. 

Author : Debi Dash
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