Solid Power presents its first A-sample cells for automotive qualification

Image for representation purposes only. Source: Solid Power

Solid-state battery technology firm Solid Power has recently made first A-1 EV battery cell deliveries to BMW to formally enter automotive qualification. The company is report...

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Toyota's EV battery tech roadmap identifies 4 types including solid-state

Image for representation purposes only. Source: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation, which is generally critiqued for its "slow-paced" approach to electrification and e-mobility, has communicated a first insight into its next-gen...

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Leclanché achieves breakthrough in the safety of LiBs without comprising cell performance

Leclanché has announced a significant breakthrough in the safety of its lithium-ion batteries without compromising cell performance. By adding a special fire-retardant additive to ...

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LOTTE Chemicals, Sasol Chemicals partner to develop LiB materials for EVs

Sasol Chemicals and LOTTE Chemical have agreed to conduct a pre-feasibility study of a joint project to build, own and operate a plant to produce battery-grade electrolyte solvents...

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