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IESW 2024: Battery component makers call for localization and long-term tie-ups

The post-lunch session,  Battery Component Manufacturing (Cathode, Anode, Electrolyte, Separators, Adhesive, Binders, and Non-active materials) on Day 2 of the India Energy Storage Week 2024 examined India's battery component manufacturing space and the upcoming anode and cathode manufacturing, updates in the areas of electrolyte, separator, adhesive, and binders as well as global opportunities. 

Kirti Varma, Co-Founder & COO, ALTMIN noted that financing is very integral for the plans of the cathode manufacturing facility. He added that establishing long-term sourcing tie-ups are the best hedge against price volatility in the market. "This is an industry where we need to work together to localize the value chain to make India self-reliant and self-sustainable," he added.

Harin Kanani, MD, Neogen Chemical shared Neogen's expansion plans and emphasized on their successful establishment of a China-free supply chain. He added that they set up the first electrolyte plant in India, with investment in electrolytes envisaged at 2.5 times of current revenue levels -- aspiring for huge strides. "We have five sites that we are setting up, and are planning a bigger capacity next year of 30-40 GWh in which we will be using technology licensed from Mitsubishi Japan," Kanani shared.

Kunal Daga, Founder & Director at Molsynth underscored that India can build from its expertise in processing pharmaceutical molecules and can leverage the manufacturing of additives, solvents, etc. He called for long-term demand tie-ups between material producers and cell makers. He said this would be an absolute game-changer-- helping cell-makers localize their material supply chain. 

Srivats Gopalan, Lead, CAM & PGM at Lohum commented that there should be a focus on rapid prototype testing centers for Indian stakeholders to benefit. 

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IESW 2024: Optimizing battery supply chains -  

Australia is vital to battery raw materials and the possibility of greater Indo-Australian co-operation in the area of supply chains was looked into on Day 2 of the India Energy Storage Week 2024. Moderated by Rohit Laumas, Mining & Supply Chain Consultant, Customized Energy Solutions, the session was chaired by Dr. Veena Kumari Dermal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Government of India.
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IESW 2024: Optimizing battery supply chains
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