Microsoft AI designs batteries with 70 percent less lithium, identifies 18 new battery materials

Image: Shutterstock

Microsoft has used artificial intelligence to identify promising new battery materials for the US Department of Energy using (DoE). This use of AI enabled the company to come up wi...

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Germany offers €16 bn for hydrogen-ready gas power plants to future-proof power supply

Image: RWE

Germany's government is offering subsidies for gas power plants that can switch to hydrogen in future, as part of the country's efforts to ensure a transition to clean energy gener...

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VARTA expanding R&D capabilities for next-gen batteries at its Austrian facility

Source: VARTA AG

German battery manufacturer VARTA AG has announced the expansion of 'VARTA Innovation', the company's battery R&D wing, which is establishing a modern research facili...

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Breakthrough in solid electrolyte for hydrogen-based batteries, fuel cells

Schematic of a solid-state fuel cell made from the new material and titanium. The result of the galvanostatic discharge reaction showed that the Ti electrode was completely hydrogenated to TiH2 for x ≥ 0.2. Source:

Researchers in Japan have recently developed a solid electrolyte for transporting hydride ions (H−) at room temperature, which opens up new avenues for improving the...

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Finland's VTT develops electrofuel derived from green hydrogen, CO2

The e-fuel project of Finnish research institute VTT and its partners have developed a concept for producing electrofuel from green hydrogen and carbon dioxide using a co...

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Georgia Tech researchers find aluminum-foil anodes effective for solid-state batteries

Graduate student researcher Yuhgene Liu holds an aluminum material for solid-state batteries. Source: Georgia Tech

A group of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed aluminum foil-based anode for all-solid state batteries with higher energy density and grea...

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Umicore sets up prototyping center for solid-state battery in Belgium

Source: Umicore

Battery materials firm Umicore has recently opened a solid-state battery material prototyping facilities in Olen, Belgium. The company claims that the center is one ...

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Enapter AG sets up Green Hydrogen learning centre in Thailand

H2 technology firm Enapter AG and its partners have launched a project to create Southeast Asia's first green hydrogen learning centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The p...

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US DoE $125 million for next-gen Batteries and Energy Storage research

To support Energy Innovation Hub projects that emphasize multi-disciplinary fundamental research to address long-standing and emerging challenges for rechargeable batteries, the U....

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Airbus, Renault Group partner to advance research on next-gen battery systems

French companies Airbus and Renault Group - global leaders in aerospace and automotive sector respectively - have signed a research and development agreement that aims at enha...

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DIFFER database maps 31,618 molecules with potential for energy storage

Researchers at the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER) have created a database named 'RedDB' identifying 31,618 molecules that could potentially be u...

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Charging cells at different rates enhances life of EV battery packs: Study

Stanford University researchers have devised a new way to make lithium-ion battery packs last longer and suffer less deterioration from fast charging. New modeling of how lith...

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Global H2 electrolyzers projects stack up to 957 GW; only 11 pc progressing: Report

Aurora Energy Research's latest global hydrogen electrolyser database, published with the bi-annual Hydrogen Market Attractiveness Report, show that projects worth 957 GW are curre...

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LGES expands joint battery research projects to Europe

LG Energy Solution has announced that it is expanding its joint battery research programs with leading institutions across the world as it aims to drive next-generation battery tec...

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Govt. actively supporting research projects for enhancing energy storage tech: Dr. Jitendra Singh

In a written reply to the Rajya Sabha, Minister of State (Independent Charge) of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Earth Sciences, Dr. Jitendra Singh informed ...

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