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Wattif selects Sitetracker for managing EVC infra mass rollouts across Europe

Image Courtesy: Wattif

Sitetracker, deployment operations management software for critical infrastructure providers, has announced that Norwegian-based Wattif EV has designated Sitetracker to help manage the deployment of its innovative EV charging infrastructure solutions, which are being rolled out throughout several European countries, the UK, and Ireland. Wattif EV's selection of Sitetracker further demonstrates how Sitetracker's intuitive intelligent solutions for project and asset management can help all EV charging companies, from the smallest start-ups to enterprise-scale operations.

Wattif EV already has contracted over 1,000,000 parking spots to deploy EV charging solutions. Offering a variety of options from fully funded or 50:50 on planning and installation, or even taking over existing hardware, Wattif takes full responsibility for the maintenance and operations of charging stations so more buildings, commercial locations, and even residences can deploy them in pursuit of ubiquitous access to EV drivers.

"Our solutions are more flexible and innovative than just deploying EV charging stations because our business model allows for different ownership, financing, and profit-sharing scenarios," said Wattif EV CEO Robert Svendsen.

"As our models can vary from customer to customer, we knew a highly effective, flexible solution like Sitetracker would be essential to manage our infrastructure. Sitetracker is perfect for us, and its quick installation time with built-in best practices and processes helped us get our business off and running in no time."

Built on Salesforce, the Sitetracker platform provides smart technologies such as AI and analytics to improve outcomes. It helps EV and energy companies like Wattif EV to bring products and people together to easily manage sites, project permitting, vendors, and ongoing maintenance all in a single platform. The ability to track high-volume work in real-time without manual spreadsheet maintenance is one of the key benefits companies like Wattif EV receive. Additionally, Wattif EV gains the ability to:

  • Easily implement and start generating value with Sitetracker's EV Quickstart Package which is pre-loaded with industry best practices and processes
  • Create actionable, customized, real-time dashboards for all levels including executives, project management, and operations
  • Affect changes in hundreds of projects, sites, and jobs all at once with a simple click, driving back-office resource savings and leading to faster project completion times
  • Assign jobs to workers based on availability and qualifications, then gather instantaneous, fully documented, and automated updates on the work status.

Wattif EV has already begun implementing Sitetracker and plans to add on additional features, such as the Sitetracker Connect Portal, which gives access to contractors and third-party vendors so all teams can collaborate. 

Author : Debi Dash
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