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Electrovaya launches Infinity-HV battery for heavy-duty applications

Electrovaya's Mississauga, Ontario-manufacturing facility. Source: Electrovaya Inc.

Ontario-based lithium-ion battery manufacturer Electrovaya Inc. (Electrovaya) has launched Infinity-HV battery systems for heavy duty applications.

Building on its existing Infinity product line, Electrovaya's Infinity-HV battery systems have been developed to meet the needs of heavy-duty, high-voltage applications including buses, delivery trucks, construction trucks, hybrid-fuel cell/battery systems and stationary energy storage systems.

"The Infinity-HV batteries offer unique performance characteristics, particularly with regards to safety and cycle life, and are the ideal energy storage technology for heavy duty applications," said Dr. Khadija Yazda, High Voltage Systems Product Manager at Electrovaya.

The Infinity-HV batteries comes in two variants: the HV-90 and HV-180 offering a nominal energy of 35 kWh and 70 kWh respectively. The variants are capable of serving both 400V and 800V applications. Infinity-HV batteries use lithium-ion ceramic and UL-recognized EV series cells and have a projected 25-year lifetime for one-cycle/day applications, making them the longest lasting high voltage batteries available.

Ensuring high-safety standard for its products, Electrovaya Infinity-HV packs offer a high-level of fire protection as it uses the company's proprietary multi-level cell and battery fire propagation prevention technology. Infinity-HV systems can be controlled by Electrovaya's in-house 5th generation advanced battery management system (BMS), the company stated.

The Infinity-HV packs will be assembled the Company's Canadian and U.S. operations, with initial deliveries of pre-production units anticipated to be in Q4 2023. The Infinity-HV products will be mass produced at the Infinity's Jamestown, NY facility. 


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