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IESW 2022: Industry Excellence Awards recognizes the best in clean energy, EV ecosystem

Award winners of the 5th IESA Industry Excellence Awards held in New Delhi on Tuesday

Continuing with its tradition of recognizing the best companies, leadership, and pathbreaking projects in the field of energy storage, electric vehicles, green hydrogen, and microgrids, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) announced its 5th Industry Excellence Awards in New Delhi on Tuesday.

The awards ceremony was part of IESA's flagship energy storage event, India Energy Storage Week (IESW) currently ongoing in the capital, and presented awards across 20+ categories spanning technology innovations, startups, projects, to outstanding CXOs, researchers, policy pioneers, and drivers of progressive union and state policies.

The awards gala witnessed prominent faces from the clean energy and green tech ecosystem bringing together ministers, public sector officials, and private industry executives to recognize their efforts in helping build a greener world order.

The past winners of IESA Industry Excellence awards have included industry pioneers like Panasonic, Ashok Leyland, Hero Electric, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd, L&T, AES, OKAYA Power, Amara Raja Group, among others.

Award selection procedure

The winners were selected by a team of external juries based on competitive scoring and evaluation framework developed by the jury panel and senior advisors to IESA which comprise global Industry veterans and policymakers.

For the Industry Excellence Awards 2022, the criteria for selection of winners across categories was based on acknowledging the work of organizations, projects, and people who not only help in promoting green energy solutions and technology for a decarbonized future but also create safety and value for the end consumer.

The following are the different awards categories presented at the IESA Industry Excellence Awards 2022:

1. Award: Energy Storage Project of the Year Award

Winner: Ampere hour & BSES Rajdhani Power Limited

The two companies collaborated on the development of India's first true virtual power plant (VPP) within BSES Rajdhani's Network. The project consists of six energy storage systems connected to distribution transformers that are currently getting overloading. The hardware and software development were handled by Ampere hour. All ESS in the project can be centrally controlled through BSES Rajdhani's SCADA platform and are capable of stacking multiple ESS applications and algorithmic dispatch in the future.

2. Award: EV Infrastructure Project of the Year Award

Winner: Fortum Charge & Drive India & BSES Yamuna Power Limited

The two companies collaborated to commission India's 1st smart-managed EV charging station at Mayur Vihar Extension – I in Delhi in February 2022. Unlike conventional EV charging stations, this smart managed EV charging station can be integrated with BSES Yamuna Power Limited SCADA system & controlled remotely. This project helps in managing variations in the power demand through demand response compatibility.

3. Award: Technology Innovation of the year for Energy Storage (Industry)

Winner: Log 9 Materials

Log 9 Materials won the award for their indigenously developed unique fast-charging battery technology and early commercialization of the said technology.

4. Award: Technology innovation of the year (PSU)- Energy Storage

Winner: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd won the award for their indigenous development of a novel low-cost lithium-ion coin cell sourced by indigenous materials and suppliers with demonstrated applications in LED lamps, glucometers, and weigh scales.

5. Award: Emerging Company of the Year- Energy Storage Supply Chain

Winner: Epsilon Advanced Materials

Epsilon Advanced Materials has developed the technology to convert a by-product of coke oven operation to synthetic graphite to be used in the anode of Li-ion batteries. The product demonstrates a higher capacity and lifecycle than its competitors. This innovation is critical as India is poised to become a global manufacturing hub of advanced chemistry cells. The company has been widely supplying the products within the country as well as in the international markets.

6. Award: Startup Company of the Year- E-mobility Services

Winner: BluSmart

BluSmart won the award for its efforts taken in rapidly expanding the fleet size and the network of charging stations across Delhi-NCR with an existing fleet size of 900+ vehicles and an installed base of 650+ EV charging points. It partnered up with Jio-BP to set up EV charging stations across the country and created digital Infrastructure for all the stakeholders i.e., riders, drivers, and charging consumers. The company also developed proprietary tech which enables ride allocation based on real-time SOC of EV. BluSmart has already completed 10 lakh+ trips and saved 2300+ tons of CO2 emissions.

7. Award: Startup company of the Year - EV

Winner: Log 9 Materials

Log 9 Materials won the award for their indigenous development of fast charging battery packs technology (RapidX) and rapidly scaling its deployment. it has conducted its pilot with Amazon, Shadowfax, Flipkart, Magenta, MoEVing, BigBasket, and Porter among others. It has become the second-largest deployer of batteries to EVs in the State of Karnataka within a month and a half of production ramping up from pilots to fully-fledged commercial deployments.

8. Award: Startup Company of the Year- Energy Storage

Winner: Ampere hour

Ampere hour won the award for the development of the first virtual plant in India. The entire software stack was built by them for aggregation and control of flexible assets like energy storage with many small software patches (interconnection with Utility SCADA, cybersecurity, algorithmic dispatch, etc.) necessary for creating a smart grid. In addition to that, they have created a highly digitally connected balance of a system that is both cost-effective and necessary for the operations of the battery given Indian conditions. The BOS optimization can help reduce the $/kWh costs of ESS for other mid-scale projects.

9. Awards: EV Infrastructure Company of the Year

Winners: Tata Power

Tata Power" won the award for their efforts taken to deploy an extensive EV charging infrastructure with an installed base of over 1300+ EV charging points. Expanding their EZ charge network to over 200 cities and enhancing customer experience through App & customer portals. Moreover, Tata Power has collaborated with multiple oil marketing companies, location partners, fleet companies & auto OEMs for developing EV charging infrastructure for their customers/dealers/employees.

10. Award: EV Components Company of the Year

Winner: Tata AutoComp

Tata AutoComp won the award for the efforts taken up in diversifying its product portfolio to offer EV-related products with a vision of "Charge-to-Drive" solutions. The new products introduced were a Li-ion-based battery pack, BMS, motor, controller, integrated drivetrain, and chargers. Their existing business units also diversified their respective offering to include components suitable for EVs. These included an e- compressor, battery thermal management solution, RFI complaint battery cover (patented), and many such components. Being an early mover, Tata AutoComp ensured early engagement with its anchor customer Tata Motors and partnered with them for the launch of the country's most successful EV - Tata Nexon. Post the success of Tata Nexon, Tata AutoComp has also supported Tata Motors in the launch of Tata Tigor EV and is currently involved in future launches. In order to offer the best technology to its customers, Tata Autocomp partnered with several leading players in the EV domain. These included Gotion Hi-Tech for the battery pack and BMS, Prestolite Green Energy for motors, controllers, and Integrated Drivetrain as well as Tellus Green for AC and DC chargers.

11. Award: Company of the Year – EV Infrastructure OEM

Winner: Exicom Tele-Systems

Exicom Tele-Systems won the award for their wide product portfolio ranging from 1.1 to 300 kW EV chargers serving all EV types including two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler & electric buses. Exicom has completed more than 5,000 charger installations including AC and DC chargers, across 200 cities in the country and forged partnerships with passenger cars and light EV OEMs such as MG Motor, Tata Motors, Hyundai, Audi, Ather & TVS.

12. Award: Company of the Year in Safety Awareness- Energy Storage

Winner: Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

UL won the award for their projects and initiatives on advancing safety science and working toward public safety for making the world more safe, secure, and sustainable.

13. Award: Energy Storage Company of the Year

Winner: Exicom

Exicom won the award as they have deployed more than 1.82 GWh Li-ion ESS till now in India which is the highest among all companies. The company continues to invest in R & D and already has two R & D centers in India. Their product portfolio covers a wide voltage range and thus can cater to various applications like telecom, UPS, and grid-connected storage.

14. Award: EV Product of the year-Electric Two-Wheeler

Winner:450X from Ather Energy

Ather Energywitnessed a growth rate of 422% in their sales in 2021 and captured a market share of 11% in the sales of registered electric two-wheelers and stood in at 3rd position in 2021. The company is further focusing on expanding its geographic presence and has plans to enter 100 cities by next year.

15. Award: EV Product of the year- Electric Four-Wheeler

Winner: Nexon EV from Tata Motors

Nexon EV of Tata Motors captured a 62% market share last year and emerged as the best-selling electric car in the country. The company sold 9,111 units of Nexon EV in FY 2021. The demand for Nexon EV is increasing faster than the supply and the waiting period has increased significantly. The company is further planning to come up with 10 EV models by 2025.

16. Award: CXO Of the Year- Energy Storage

Winner: Vijayanand Samudrala , President – New Energy at Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

CXOs are motivational leaders who inspire their teams to achieve remarkable results. From technology to operations to marketing, this year's CXO of the award honoree exemplifies the teamwork, leadership, and expertise that propel the organization forward.

17. Award: Emerging CXO Of The year- Energy Storage

Winner: Stefan Louis from Nexcharge

Stefan moved from an executive position in Switzerland to a similar position in India and built up the Li-ion battery manufacturing plant with a fully automated lithium-ion battery pack and module (Pouch/ Prismatic/ cylindrical) assembly lines (manufacturing capacity of 1.5 GWH). He was instrumental in the build-up of R & D facility with 50+ engineers. During the past years, he has trained the Nexcharge team in understanding Li-ion battery technology and developed a talent pool in India with the required skill set.

18. Award: Lifetime Achievement Award- Energy Storage and EV

Winner: Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

This prestigious award is given away to individuals who have showcased exemplary performance in the industry, and have played a pivotal role in spearheading innovative trends in the market. Also, be a part of innovation in technical processes, which has made a notable impact in the national markets.

19. Award: Researcher of the Year (Industry) - Energy Storage

Winner: Dr. Venketeshwarlu Manne from Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

Dr. Venketeshwarlu Manne has contributed to the entire process of facilitating a pilot battery cell manufacturing line based on technology transfer from ISRO. He has been instrumental in optimizing the Nickel-rich NMC cathode electrode design, which is critical for tropical countries such as India. Their technology readiness level lies between 6 to 9, which is on a good scale of commercialization. The individual has contributed to the publication of 100+ research papers, patents, etc., in collaboration with other institutes as well.

He won the award for his outstanding support in research & development in the field of advanced materials and advanced li-ion batteries for EVs. Under his guidance, ARBL is the first company to successfully produce 21700 type cylindrical lithium-ion cells using pilot plant facilities in India.

20. Award: Researcher of the Year (PSU)- Energy Storage

Winner: Dr. Milind Kulkarni of the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology

Dr. Milind Kulkarni of the Centre for Materials for Electronics Technology won the award for his utmost contribution in the field of research and development of active materials including anode and cathode for Li-ion batteries. His core expertise in nanomaterials and advanced materials helped CMET to explore other areas including 'Na - ion' and 'Li- air' batteries for Automobile applications (Hybrid Electrical Vehicles). Under him, the research team has produced Lithium cobalt oxide, and Lithium iron Phosphate using their pilot lines. He has published more than 105 research papers in international journals of high repute. He has filed for more than 20 patents too.

21. Award: Policy Pioneer of the Year- Energy Storage

Winner: Ghanshyam Prasad, Joint Secretary (OM, Transmission, R&R (including administration of National Electricity Policy, Tariff Policy, CERC, JERC, APTEL, and std. Bidding Documents)

Shri. Ghanshyam Prasad won the award for being the flag-bearer for energy storage for the Indian power sector, and for his advocacy efforts towards encouraging the energy storage deployment in India. His numerous efforts in bringing out necessary policy/ guidelines had played a major role in 2021 and ensured energy storage sector growth and opportunities in India in the coming years. We truly believe that the path he has laid down for energy storage at the Central level today will pick a faster pace this year in 2022 and encourage Indian States to follow a similar route in terms of policy guidelines and ESS project deployments.

22. Award: Best EV State Award

Winner: Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

Karnataka: The State of Karnataka won the IESA Best EV State Award for its supportive policy and environment to shape and encourage EV adoption in the State. Karnataka is the first state to roll out an EV and Energy Storage Policy that looks not only at boosting sales of EVs but also setting up charging infrastructure and special manufacturing zones. Karnataka is also one of the top three states in terms of the registration of electric vehicles in India. The number of EVs registered in Karnataka increased from 6,453 in 2019 to a record 33,306 in 2021. This state also has more than 45 startups just in Bangalore. After claiming the titles of IT capital and start-up capital of the country, Karnataka is now hoping to become the EV capital of India. To honor all these achievements and progress, we now request

Tamil Nadu: The State of Tamil Nadu won the award for its outstanding contribution in EV adoption in the state. Since the launch of the EV Policy in 2019, this state has witnessed maximum EV investments in Indian states, thanks to incentives offered through the state policy. Tamil Nadu was one of the earliest to come out with its Tamil Nadu Electric Vehicle Policy 2019 offering incentives for the demand side (vehicle buyers) and supply-side the vehicle makers. The state leads in attracting investments for a range of electric vehicle projects, from two-wheeler factories to battery manufacturing units. A first-of-its kind ₹300-crore EV future mobility park is coming up in Tamil Nadu. The state is also encouraging Start-Ups in the EV Sector and offers Incubation services to them in the form of Office Space, Common Facilities, and Mentoring support.

23. Award: Best State in EV Adoption

Winner: Delhi

Union Territory Delhi won the award for its efforts taken up to achieve an EV penetration of 5.6% in 2021. Before the launch of the policy in August 2020, the total number of EVs in the newly purchased vehicles in Delhi was only 0.2%. The government took several key initiatives to promote e-mobility in the state which include: Purchase incentives for different e-vehicles categories along with other incentives such as scarping incentives. A dedicated EV cell and a State EV board to ensure proper policy implementation and day-to-day operations. Approved proposal to induct only e-autos from now instead of CNG autos and awarded 4,261 permits in 2022. Made single window facility for installing EV charging stations and has plans to add 1,000 public charging stations by next year, installation of 500 charging points is already underway and expected to be complete by June 2022.

24. Awards: Best State in E-bus Adoption

Winner: Maharashtra

25. Awards: Best State for Manufacturing: EV and Energy Storage

Winner: Tamil Nadu and Gujarat

Gujarat: The State of Gujarat won the award for its most supportive policies around manufacturing which helped in shaping the state as one of the pioneers of EV & battery manufacturing in the country. The investment of Rs 10800 Crores is expected over a span of the next five years to establish Asia's biggest EV Manufacturing hub in Gujarat with a strong 'Make in India' vision. The support extended towards charging infrastructure in Gujarat through EV policy, in 2021 is expected to accelerate the ecosystem development and bring greater comfort for EV buyers.

Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu over two decades with the presence of major automobile manufacturing units and allied industries in and around Chennai, has quickly embraced the EV wave. Hosur has developed as a major cluster and a lot of investments came into this area. TN has a ready-made EV ecosystem that attracts new players and enables existing manufacturers of fossil-fuel vehicles to transition to EV manufacturing, A first-of-its-kind ₹300-crore EV future mobility park is coming up in Tamil Nadu.

26. Award: IESA Policy Catalyst Award for EV and Energy Storage

Winner: Niti Aayog and DHI

Niti Aayog has spearheaded the release of the ACC-PLI Scheme in the country to carve a strong footprint for India in the global battery manufacturing space. Whereas DHI has been instrumental in rolling out the PLI ACC battery manufacturing program and FAME India scheme, ensuring production match the demand, paving the way for smooth EV transition in India. NITI and DHI continuous efforts in promoting Indigenous manufacturing through the Make in India Initiative are commendable. With recent progress, we at IESA strongly believe that India will become a global hub for R&D, manufacturing, and adoption of advanced energy storage and EV technologies within a short span of time and can endeavor to be amongst the front-runners in this vital industry under visionary and dynamic leadership. 

Author : Shraddha Kakade
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