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Nexeon’s silicon anode materials to power Panasonic’s EV batteries in the US

UK-based leading manufacturer of advanced silicon anode materials for lithium-ion batteries, Nexeon on Tuesday announced that it has entered a long-term supply agreement with battery giant, Panasonic Energy Co. Ltd. for the supply of its advanced silicon-anode material for the production of Panasonic's high-density EV batteries in the US.

The partnership marks Nexeon's first deal for its silicon anode material for the commercial supply in lithium-ion cells for EVs.

"The partnership with Panasonic is a testament to the progress we have made with our battery material technology," said Scott Brown, CEO of Nexeon. "Our silicon anode material will bring dramatically improved vehicle range and charging speeds for EVs, helping to address drivers' concerns and accelerate the transition to cleaner forms of mobility."

Currently, graphite is commonly used as an anode material in most batteries, however, silicon materials are considered key for boosting battery performance and is known to pack about 10-times more capacity than graphite.

Nexeon developed a silicon-based anode material said to have potential to propel the energy density of lithium-ion cells by up to 50%. The latest breakthrough therefore can usher in a new era of enhanced battery performance, dramatically improving both EV range and EV charging time.

Further the company believes, the silicon anode technology will enable automotive manufacturers to realize impactful cost savings on their EV battery pack systems.

"This collaboration will help us drive growth of the lithium-ion battery industry and accelerate the world towards a net-zero emissions future," stated Shoichiro Watanabe, Executive VP of Panasonic Energy. "By integrating Nexeon's groundbreaking battery material with our advanced cell manufacturing capabilities, we believe that we can address the concerns such as range anxiety and charging time and contribute to accelerating the adoption of EVs."

Through the latest partnership with Panasonic, Nexeon's advanced silicon anode material will power EVs from 2025. 


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