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POSCO introduces ‘e-Autopos’ battery packs for electric vehicles

Battery Pack of e Autopos, PBP-EV prototype. Image courtesy: POSCO.

South Korean automotive material manufacturing giant, POSCO through its automotive products and solutions integrated brand 'e Autopos' introduced battery pack and steel used in making the EV battery packs.

PBP-EV (POSCO Battery Pack for Electric Vehicle) responds to the structure of 3rd generation EV skateboard structure using Giga steel, stainless steel, and wire rod. POSCO claims the collision safety performance has been enhanced by making ultra-high-strength steel by the roll forming method.

"The basic structure is a roll forming closed cross-section frame type, with a battery capacity of 60kWh, battery-pack total weight of 424kg, and a case weight of 73.8kg. The main focus of the design is first, the lighter weight of the battery pack case, and the second is the maximization of collision safety performance," POSCO said in the product unboxing statement.

In addition to the collision safety performance which was reinforced through the roll forming frame structure pack case design, and the number of parts that were minimized while maximizing the loading space of the battery cell, the pack is designed to easily change the outer frame length as battery capacity increases and decreases, minimizing the remanufacturing of the mold due to changes in battery capacity.

"It is designed with ultra-lightweight by applying Giga-grade or higher steel materials such as 1470MART, 1180CP, and 980DP, and the production cost can be reduced to 70% compared to the aluminum battery pack case of the same capacity" POSCO added.

The PBP-EV also comes with a cooling device to release heat generated from the battery cell while charging and discharging power and the battery pack can be lightened by applying as much Giga steel as possible to increase the mileage of electric vehicles.

Image courtesy: POSCO.

About POSCO and e Autopos

"e Autopos," was launched on January 27, by POSCO as an integrated brand of eco-friendly automotive products and solutions to lead the electric vehicle automotive market.

Main solutions of e Autopos include the ultra high-strength "Giga Steel" for EV body, chassis, and battery pack, high-efficient "Hyper NO Electric Steel" for EV traction motor, which is a key component of EV, and "Poss470FC Stainless Steel" for the bipolar plate for FCEV that requires to be highly conductive, corrosion-resistant, and durable.

Also, together with POSCO Chemical, POSCO is the only Korean company supplying materials for secondary batteries, the heart of electric vehicles, from raw materials, such as lithium, nickel, and graphite, to cathode and anode materials. 

Author : Shraddha Kakade
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