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Setting standards for the future of mobility

The co-operative industrial research association, better known as ARAI, is the sole keeper of standards both by and for the automotive industry. Today, the Automotive Research Association of India is the go-to center for comprehensive testing of all means of mobility. Ashok Thakur, Chief Editor, ETN, interviewed Rashmi Urdhwareshe, Director ARAI, to get an insight into the scope of ARAI activities, setting standards for EVs and future of e-mobility.
Rashmi Urdhwareshe, Director, ARAI

As backward integration has started from manufacturing EVs to manufacturing of components like battery packs and Brushless DC or BLDC motors, how do you assess this trend in the coming years? Is ARAI geared up with standards and components and sub-component levels?

It is expected that the entire ecosystem for manufacturing of electric vehicles locally is slowly getting established. In anticipation, standardization work is already undertaken at national committees such as American Institute of Steel Construction or AISC and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
AISC standards cover safety of critical components like batteries, motors, harnesses, chargers and other assemblies. These standards are notified under CMVR as mandatory requirements.
Individual component performance standards (such as connectors) are being taken up by BIS based on International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC) or the Import Export Code standards.
ARAI's CoE has established requisite facilities to support industry for component development, testing/ validation and approval as per all such standards.

When a vehicle like Hyundai Kona is certified at a lower mileage in Korea, why is there a difference in the certified mileage in India?

Mileage or range test of EVs is done in the laboratory under standard test conditions. Also, the test cycle which is followed in India differs from what is followed in other countries. Thus, the difference in the measured range could be attributed to test cycle and local driving and ambient conditions.

Author : IESA
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