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Amara Raja partners with Gridtential Energy for bipolar battery technology

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd, one of the leading industrial and automotive battery manufacturers, has entered a formal agreement with Gridtential Energy to collaborate on bipolar battery technology on June 1.

As per the technology evaluation agreement, Amara Raja Batteries and Gridtential Energy will assemble and test Silicon Joule bipolar reference batteries (invented by Gridtential Energy) using Amara Raja's active material to determine improvements in cycle life, energy density, battery efficiency, charging rates and manufacturability.

According to the statement released by the two companies, Silicon Joule bipolar technology enables an innovative class of advanced lead batteries with silicon at its core. It is a design-driven, low-cost, high-performance, patented energy storage solution that provides improved power density, cycle life, dynamic charge acceptance, and wider temperature range, with up to 40 percent lower weight, while retaining full lead-battery recyclability. Gridtential Energy offers non-exclusive licenses for Silicon Joule technology, enabling manufacturing partners to easily adapt their factories to provide high performing, higher voltage 24V and 48V batteries to their customers for the hybridautomotive, low-speed electric vehicles, energy storage system and home back-up markets – all without giga-scale capital investments.

Author : Padmini
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