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Fluence unveils sixth-generation energy storage technology

Fluence on June 16 announced the launch of its sixth-generation energy storage technology stack combining factorybuilt hardware, advanced software, and data-driven intelligence.

The company which is a result of two pioneers in the energy storage field coming together, Siemens and AES, has already secured orders for 800 MW, 2300 MWh of projects using the new technology. Fluence already is the popular choice for customers in the renewables industry such as Enel, LS Power, sPower, and Siemens, and major power suppliers and industries have already committed to deploy Fluence's sixth-generation technology in Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe.

Fluence sixth-generation technology stack creates the foundation for three purpose-built systems, Gridstack, Sunstack, and Edgestack, that are configured for grid, renewable and commercial & industrial (C&I) applications, respectively, while easily addressing the need for larger systems and larger fleets of systems.

According to the company, the sixthgeneration energy storage technology includes three components: 

Fluence IQ: Digital intelligence engines use data and machine learning to improve system decision-making, manage battery degradation, reduce operating costs, and optimize energy market dispatch.

Fluence Operating System (OS): Built on a decade of digital control system development, the fully integrated operating platform combines comprehensive controls, system visibility, and asset management to improve asset performance at a single site or across entire fleets.

Fluence Cube: The factoryassembled building block is 4-5x more modular than traditional systems and incorporates the latest technologies for rapid installation and scale, consistent operations & maintenance, and improved quality control.

Fluence over the years has reduced the total cost of energy storage systems by 90 percent and the new technology stack "focuses on driving down the non-battery costs of energy storage systems by up to 25 percent" addressing the need for larger systems" company claimed. 

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